There is no doubt that permanent makeup is a great option for both men and women who want to hide facial imperfections. Whether it’s a scar around the eyes or a burn on the face, nothing does the job better than permanent makeup. However, just like most cosmetic procedures done in Toronto, there are a few side effects associated with the procedure, including puffiness, bruising, itchiness, inflammation, and skin infections. Accordingly, you need to know how to avoid or manage them because the side effects normally slow down the healing process and may complicate the results of permanent makeup in Toronto.

To ensure that the healing process is smoother and easier, you’ll need to observe a few tips:

  1. Ice for the Swell

Immediately after permanent makeup, there’s the chance of the treated area swelling. The good news is that you can manage it using ice packs. You just need to place the ice directly on the swollen area for about 15 minutes. This will significantly help to reduce the swelling plus the pain. You may also reduce swelling by taking antihistamines or ibuprofen.

  1. Absorb Extra Lymph

A few hours after permanent makeup, lymph fluid will start to ooze from the treated area. If left, the fluid may build up, leading to scabbing. You need to absorb the fluid by gently bloating the treated area with a soft tissue paper. You have to do this continuously until the oozing seizes.

  1. Moisturize to Prevent Cracking

The skin around the treated area may start to crack because of excessive dryness. This is a natural effect on the healing process. It can be made much easier by moisturizing the area. You need to use vitamin E-rich oil as it will not only prevent cracking but also boost skin healing.

  1. Clean the Area

You should keep the treated area clean always. You need to get rid of dust and dirt that accumulate. Cleaning should be done using clean water two times a day. You need to pat the area gently. Try not to scratch as inflammation may result.

  1. Keep Off Conventional Makeup

Before you are completely healed, you should not apply your conventional makeup. This is because they may introduce bacteria into your skin which may cause an infection that may complicate the healing.

  1. Avoid the Sun

You need to keep off the sun’s direct rays at least for a month. This is not just because sunlight causes the ink to fade but it’s also because it promotes dryness. This means that the skin is likely to crack and this may delay the healing.

  1. Stay Away from Harsh Chemicals

Lastly, you need to keep off chemicals that may irritate your skin. For starters, you need to avoid chlorinated bathtubs and swimming pools. The chemical will enhance the urge to scratch the skin and this may lead to soreness. Furthermore, you should avoid any cleaning product that has an acid or exfoliant.

Normally, the aftercare practices are key to enjoying a smoother and easier permanent makeup in Toronto. Most side effects are avoidable or manageable with the right care tips. You can use the above points as your guide. Otherwise, good luck with the procedure.