In the modern world, artificial intelligence technologies are becoming increasingly advanced and being introduced into various areas of our lives. One of the latest achievements in this area was the development of a new neural network that can undress a photo and generate naked girls in photos. The new product arouses a lot of interest among young people. So, how does it work? 

What is Deepnude? 

DeepNude is a revolutionary neural network technology that has revolutionized the world of image processing. This technology uses advanced deep-learning algorithms to generate realistic nude images from ordinary photos. This cutting-edge technology has attracted significant attention and interest due to its excellent capabilities. This innovative technology opens up new horizons of creativity and self-expression, offering endless possibilities for artists and enthusiasts.

AI undress photo generators operate based on the GAN neural network. A database with photographs of women from 20 to 40 years old is used to generate images. The database comprises photographs from open sources purchased from various photo banks.

How does a neural network algorithm work to undress people?

The neural network, powered by artificial intelligence, removes clothes from images, including photos of girls and boys. Following, it was created to generate synthetic images in which people or objects appear undressed. It automatically recognizes and highlights areas with clothing and removes them, allowing you to see your naked body. You can select the necessary parameters and generate a photo of a naked woman here. In the editor, you can choose the height, weight, body type, skin and hair color, nationality, photography style, and other indicators.

Such technology could be helpful in specific industries, help expand the limits of visual representation, and stimulate various areas of research, creativity, and entertainment. This technology has raised many questions and discussions, including questions.