It’s a common belief that sending cards as a form of invitation is becoming obsolete. This might be because most of the world seems to have rolled over into the digital age. Nowadays everyone is turning to social media and group texts to let people know of an upcoming occasion. Although this is always the easiest option, it takes away the personal touch of sending that save the date postcard to your long lost friend or the joy passed on when sending a customized birthday card to your distant cousin.

If you still think that sending cards is not worth your time, let us convince you why they will always be relevant.

They set the tone for the event

The best part about invitations is that they deliver the overall tone of the event. For example, if you are planning on throwing an extravagant party, your invitation should be equally extravagant. Invitations give you the chance to express yourself and at the same time giving your guest a glimpse of what to expect. At Mixbook we have a team of dedicated designers who ensure that you are able to fully express your ideas and mood on paper.

They are informative

Giving your guests important information ensures that an event runs smoothly. There is no better way of doing that than a real-life invitation. Specific details like dress codes, policies on food from outside, whether there will be parking space can all be included in an invite.

The more personalized and detailed your invitation is, the more apparent it seems to your guests how much effort you put in the event. An online invite often comes across as casual.

They create anticipation

A well thought out and designed invitation card creates a certain level of excitement about the event. An invitation card can include small details about how the venue will be like, the food that will be served, the band that will be playing and much more. When the time finally comes, the wedding will be booked and will amplify the joy of the occasion.

They’re memorable

On social media, we are flooded with pages’ invites, game requests and event requests from people we do not even know. That being the case you are likely to snub a genuine invite thinking it is the regular junk you ignore. Even if we do realize it is a genuine invite it can become buried in the notifications you might end up forgetting.

The beauty of a solid invitation is that once you receive it, you are likely to place it somewhere you will not forget. Another added bonus is that a tangible and well-designed invitation whether hanging on a memo board, pin board or just stuck to your fridge add to the aesthetic beauty of the surroundings.

At Mixbook we are dedicated to offering the best services in the card industry. So why pick us?

Affordable prices

We are committed to providing you with the best designs for the fairest prices. We know that all weddings have budgets so we will help you find the best designs without straying too much from your amount.

Easy to use

At Mixbook, we believe that the customer should be the head designer in their final work. Our interactive platform ensures that you have the easiest time designing the card of your dreams from scratch. We also have an extensive selection of professionally designed save the date card templates that you can tweak to your specifications.