Winter months in Baltimore can be very chilly; therefore, you should prepare yourself with lots of sweaters and heavy jackets when visiting Baltimore at this timeof the year. In addition, you should remember your boots because there is much precipitation all year round.

Convenience is very important when doing your travel plans and therefore, you should not waste your time at the airport by doing long queues waiting for cabs or buses. You should reserve your car rental from Payless in Baltimore airport. Payless car rental BWI phone number is 1-800-(729-5377). This allows you an easy time navigating around the various places round the city.

How to Save Money in Baltimore

You should Visit free attractions in Baltimore such as the popular art collections museum. You can go for the Renaissance paintings in Walter’s Art Museum or you can go for a tour at the Inner Harbor, free of charge. Make sure you consult the Baltimore Visitors Center to get to know the best daily offers.

Make sure you purchase a harbor pass if you think about visiting several Baltimore attraction sites like museums, which charge entrance fees. This pass should save you up to 30% on entrance prices.

Spend a Day at a Museum

Baltimore has many great museums, which you can enjoy. During winter months, these sites are less crowded while some do offer free and discounted entrance fees.

The most famous museum for kids is The Strong. This is popularly known as the National Museum of play located in Downtown Baltimore. It features a large indoor playground, a butterfly sanctuary, and beautiful exhibits of America’s best toys like Pinball.

You may also think of taking your children to the Port Discovery Museum. The Museum will really make for the true entertainment of your kids.

Go Bowling

Your tour in Baltimore will not be complete if you will not take your kids for bowling. There are many child-friendly places in Baltimore, which offer this wonderful sport.

Baltimore is well-known for inventing a variation of bowling sport called duckpin bowling, which was popular in the late 1800s. If you plan to have a real taste of Baltimore lifestyle together with your children, you should visit the Stoneleigh Lane.

Take Part in an Event/Festival

Baltimore has annual events and festivals all year round, including winter months, which are wonderful for enlighting, your family about history, traditions and culture of the mid-Atlantic city.

Make sure you visit the African American people who participated in building the nation during the famous Black History Month in February.

They have very many free or discounted monthly activities that you should check out therefore, make sure you plan your trip carefully for maximum fun experience.

Go Shopping

If you need some warm weather clothes or keeping up with fashion, shopping is another idea for keeping you busy during winter. Although sometimes shopping can get stressful while walking with children, you can always turn this into a unique and fun winter activity for you and the kids. Maybe you could visit the vintage boutiques, find some deals at malls near Baltimore or challenge yourself with a scavenger hunt at a mall.

The best way of moving about in Baltimore is using car, which can be yours or rented. Many visitors use the Payless car rental BWI for convenience, reliability and comfort. A variety of taxis are also available to move you to the city’s downtown area from the airport as you get ready to have fun and enjoy yourself in this gorgeous city of Baltimore. Only do not forget to take lots and many photos with you as this is often a once in a lifetime kind of heavenly experience.

Good luck and Have fun!