Also known as Sleepaway camp, it’s a supervised program organized by schools for children and teenagers in the summer holidays. Children who attend this camp are called campers. Summer camp should not be confused with Summer camp. Summer school is an academic curriculum that is set up for students to make up for lost time in school during the academic year during their holidays. Traditionally summer camps have been viewed as an external activity that involves hiking, canoeing, campfires in the woods. But that image is fast changing as more and more new activities are been inducted by schools in this program.

The summer camp experience:

They provide children with the first living experience in a social community outside the house. Some of the best summer camp for boys provide a host of technical past times such as rock climbing, kayaking, photography dramatics and pottery. Each student is offered a set of activities under the guidance of counsellors depending upon his preference. This camp offers its’ students a sense of self-awareness and responsibility that neither hostel nor school life can teach.

A better individual:

Camps focus on individual students’ development. As mentioned earlier, camp life focus more on creating the community experience. This increases involvement and boosts the self-confidence of school going children. Soft skills such as logical analysis of situations and deductive reasoning are encouraged that will help children in their lives ahead. Bringing together boys from various multicultural backgrounds fosters sensitivity among students. Under the guidance of the counsellors good listening, and consensus building is encouraged to enhance peaceful living thoughts in young minds. Conflict resolution skills and strategies are developed in an atmosphere of peaceful learning. Children also receive training basics on office work such as completing individual and/or team projects on time.