It is important to get the help of a good lawyer. However, finding one is one of the toughest jobs one will have to do in their entire life. There are certain ways in which you can find a lawyer with capabilities. However, apart from knowing this, you should also know about the some of the personality traits of a lawyer that will indicate his or her incapability.

Poor Communication Skill

The first and foremost criterion of being a good lawyer is to have a good communication skill that will set you apart from your rivals. However, very few lawyers have mastered that trait. You may be working with a lawyer who gets irritated or does not answer your question or you may have asked something else and he or she is answering something else. These are some serious communication issues that will indicate that you should not be hiring that mesothelioma lawyer or any other lawyers as a matter of fact.


A good lawyer will always be punctual because he or she would know that time is money. Also, when a person is punctual, it shows his or her professionalism and ability to take responsibility. This is a great sign to have for a lawyer. However, if your lawyer is doing the complete opposite thing and appearing late in the hearing then make sure that you won’t hire him or her because you wouldn’t want to be in a trouble by hiring such a lawyer who lacks punctuality.

There are also other things such as lack of decisiveness, personality conflicts, a bad track record, and lack of care and empathy for the client that should be taken into account while choosing a lawyer to work with. Make sure you avoid the lawyers who possess these qualities in the first place.