Choosing a gift for his wife on the day of birth or to some other date causes a headache for men. Being in meditations to give such a gift, and to please, and not to go broke, men often buy the first thing that comes to hand. A wise man can always find out what the woman herself would like to receive as a gift. But in this case, the moment of surprise may be spoiled, because the beloved can guess why she is asked leading questions. You can, of course, interview your friends or even strain yourself and remember what your wife was breathing, but it’s better to bet on a pleasant surprise.

A gift to his wife: what is worth giving.
Gifts related to the interests and hobbies of the wife. If you know enough of your wife’s passion, the best gift is a gift related to her hobby. If the wife likes to paint, give her a chic set of paints and brushes. If she is an avid gardener, then, believe me, she will be very pleased with the seeds and bulbs of rare overseas plants. If she does yoga, give her a quality expensive yoga mat and a set of music discs for relaxation or aromatic sticks. Likes to ski – buy skis. And so on. Any woman, no matter how pragmatic she seemed, always in the shower is very romantic. And the gift, oriented to its spiritual world, will be better than any diamonds. At the same time, any gift should be worthy to beat.
Certificate for the purchase of goods or services. Today many shops, beauty salons or clubs offer gift certificates. Your woman on this certificate can choose her own cosmetics, jewelry or a procedure in the spa. But, getting a certificate, take an interest in the prices in a store or salon. If the cheapest massage costs 1000 rubles, you do not need to give a woman a certificate for 500 rubles. It is better then to abandon this type of gifts altogether. We not only advise how to lose weight, but also conduct weight loss trainings, тренинги по продажам Киев, and of course, корпоративные тренинги по продажам for those who go to us for weight loss courses.

Phone or other electronics. It can also be an e-book or tablet, or even a laptop. Today these gifts are relevant and not superfluous for any person.
Jewelry. If you can afford to buy your wife jewelry made of precious metals or stones, then this is a very good gift. Well, if you make engraving on the ring with pleasant words.
Travel or visit an interesting event. Give your wife a happy birthday positive emotions. If the funds allow, take your wife to rest on the sea, well, or, in extreme cases, for a couple of days at the recreation center. You can just go to a good performance, a concert or a steep restaurant. But to drive a woman to the theater is only if she is a fan of such events. And the restaurant will be interesting to women who do not diet and do not feel after each pasta.

Flowers in the pots. As a supplement to the gift of his wife always go well flowers. But give up banal bouquets, fading then in a vase on the window. Now in flower shops are very common flowering plants in pots. This flower will please the landlady for a long time.

Original gifts. If your wife has a good sense of humor, you can give some original funny gift. Usually such gifts are not too expensive and are given in addition to the basic gift. But provide a great mood. As an original gift, by the way, a specially ordered choir can serve, which will sing a serenade or an ode to your wife in the middle of an event. Now there are also many shops with cool gifts. It can be just mugs or t-shirts with funny inscriptions, or a pink keyboard in a flower, etc. Believe me, almost always in a similar store you can pick something up.

Yourself. As one of the original gifts you can give a woman himself. For example, you fulfill three any desires of a woman. Do not forget to ask for mercy in advance, so that the desires are adequate.
Silence and peace. If your wife is on maternity leave and is completely twitchy, then give her a day of rest. Take the children and leave your wife to enjoy solitude. Let it normally take a bath with foam, listen to music, just lie down and watch TV.

A gift to his wife: what not to give.
In addition to advice on the purchase of gifts or the organization of a surprise, we want to give advice on what it is not necessary to give to his wife.

Underwear. Of course, dear beautiful linen very happy women, but if “the suit does not sit down,” there will be many disorders. Even if you bring the seller a consultant underwear of your woman, you can not guess with the model. Linen should always be measured beforehand.
Household appliances, utensils and other items of common use. Everyone is very happy when the gift is focused on him, and will not be the subject of common use in the future. In addition, giving a wife a frying pan, you can offend her, because a woman will think that she is perceived as a cook, or as a cleaner, or as a washerwoman. If your wife dies on any steamer, buy it for the family just like that, and do not suffer until the birthday of his wife.

Jewelery. One thing is jewelry, quite another – jewelry. And the question is not even in price. Today, author’s jewelry can cost more than gold. Simply decorations are purchased by a woman in addition to clothing. Entrust this procedure to the wife.

Perfume and cosmetics. With spirits and cosmetics, as well as with ornaments, you can not guess. The woman herself must choose what she needs. Therefore, as we wrote earlier, it is better to purchase a certificate.

Plush toys and other unnecessary trinkets. Why do all men believe that women are very fond of teddy bears and rabbits. Believe, it not so. Absolutely useless and taking up an extra seat. Do not give his wife and other trinkets, which she then put in a box “Transmit” or “Unnecessary trinkets.” The thing should either please the eye, or actively apply in life.