Give your eyelashes a boost thanks to the invention of false lashes. False eyelashes give women a dramatic look that works for all events. If you are planning to go for an event such as a costume party, date, or dinner, wear fake lashes for the ultimate appeal. When you properly apply false eyelashes, they are bound to blend in well with your natural lashes. Most people will find it difficult to tell them apart if you apply them correctly. It is easy to apply false eyelashes, and the process takes just a few minutes.

Here are the steps to help you apply your false eyelashes and make you look outstanding;

You will need a few tools to help you apply your false eyelashes. What you need includes false lashes, tweezers, lash glue, and Q-tip, which is optional.

Step 1: Taking out the eyelashes from their packaging

One of the best brands of eye brand for eyelashes is Crème Lashes 107 from the reputable Scrumptious Company. These eyelashes are entirely made of Remy hair, and they feel and look organic. They are super lightweight and make eyes look gorgeous at all times. Use your tweezers by gently and slowly removing the eyelashes from their packet. It would be best if you were patient when unpacking these fake lashes as you do not want to end up with broken lashes.

The next move is to measure the eyelashes by putting them firmly on your lash line. The false lashes should be applied where your natural lashes start to appear. As a precaution, make sure not to attach them near the tear ducts. Use your scissors to cut the lashes from start to end. Always make sure to measure the strip against your eyelid before applying. The final step is to trim off the excess, make sure you trim not while the false lashes are against your eyes.

Step 2: Strategically applying lash glue

All fake lashes have a sticky feel on the edges. It should be known that even the strongest lashes tend to fall off once in a while. Imagine when the bride is ready to kiss the groom and the eyelashes fall off? The bride would feel ashamed and never forget the embarrassing moment. This is why it is recommended you use eyelash glue. In most cases, Revlon is the best brand for gluing eyelashes.

Strategically apply the glue, as many users hastily put on an excess amount and attach it to the eyelids. You have to be patient and let the glue dry out a little. Wait for about 30 seconds for the glue to apply and leave the eyelashes feeling tacky and not wet. When waiting for the 30 seconds to lapse, you can bend the strip and make ends kiss. By doing this, you evenly distribute the glue onto the ends and ensures they don’t lift when wearing them. You can also use the applicator to coat the edges of the false eyelashes. If the applicator is difficult to use, use the Q-tip instead.

Step 3: Apply your Mascara

Most people don’t know the right time to apply mascara, before or after applying the false eyelashes? This all depends on your preference; it, however, works best when you place the mascara before applying false lashes. It is hard to apply mascara once you have already attached the fake eyelashes. Moreover, women also don’t like removing mascara off their false lashes, so it is better to apply mascara first.

Step 4: Attaching the eyelashes

Attaching the eyelashes is the trickiest step in applying false lashes. To make sure you attach the lashes properly, use your tweezers to pick them up and lay them flat between your eyes and near the lash line. Don’t close your eyes when applying since you will change the eye shape once you do so. One mistake women do is placing the fake lashes on top of your real lashes. Once you do this, you will end up plucking your lashes when the time comes to remove the false lashes.

Step 5: Look downwards into a mirror

Since plopping the strip onto the lash line is the hardest part, you will need a good mirror position. To ensure the false lashes are close enough to be right on top but not angled, you need your mirror in the right spot. If you place your mirror under your face in a perpendicular angle, you will be able to better see where to place the false lashes. When you face the mirror straight ahead, you end up picking your eyes. Your head will be tilted backward at an uncomfortable angle.

Step 6: Use an eyeliner to camouflage the strip’s band

After getting your lashes on, you will need to ensure your strip lashes are less visible to anyone else. You should take your best liquid liner and draw a line extending the band from where your lashes begin. To get a winged effect, you can quickly flick out the end by bending the line of the band to your lash line. When the glue is dry, this is the best time to apply a thin coat of liquid eyeliner. This ensures the line from your eyelashes blends with those of the false lashes. Your last step is to use an eyelash curler to curl your false and natural lashes together gently.

Step 7: Patting your lashes using your finger

Make sure the finishing touches are applied by patting the eyelashes using your finger. Another alternative is to brush the eyelashes to improve or retain their shape. This is the point where you can choose to reapply your mascara to get a seamless look. If you’re intent on fostering a more uplift appearance with fake lashes, adjust the inner lash’s edge softly with a finger.

Step 8: Taking off your false eyelashes

When it’s time to remove your false lashes, use an oil-based eye makeup remover. The oil will help break up the lashes so that users can gently and safely transfer the false lashes. As a precaution, try not to get the oil-based makeup remover onto your fake eyelashes. After removing, make sure to give your fake lashes a clean home. Place them back to the lash tray and keep them in the packaging they came in. Ensure you keep them clean until you want to wear them again.