There is a continuous talk among the health professional and experts that what are the side effects of vaping how can affect the health of its users. There is a new lung disease caused by vaping. If you are looking for the answer the vaping v/s smoking then you are at right place.

What are e-cigarettes?

Initially, e-cigarettes were designed in the shape of conventional cigarettes but now they come various types of shapes like vape pen, mag mod smok, and sizes. Few come in the shape of flash drives or highlighter pens, which makes it easy for teenagers to hide them.

What is the key difference between vaping and smoking traditional cigarettes?

The major difference between e-cigrettes and vapping

ween e-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes are that e-cigaretters or vaping devices don’t contain tobacco. Other than tobacco there are many other substances that cause cancer.

There is a long list of substances like Acetone, Acetic acid, Ammonia, Arsenic, Benzene, Butane which are dangerous for human health.

Vaping devices run on the batteries which activates the nicotine present in e-liquid.

Teenagers, Children and Vaping

Mag mod smok is popular among youngsters and teenagers. It is unfortunate that huge numbers of middle school students are using e-cigarettes. 100 out of 90 students are using vapes in developing vaping habits. Vaping contains nicotine which is affecting the young brains of the teenagers and children. It can affect the developing foetus if a pregnant mother is habitual of vaping.

The Bottom Line

E-cigarettes and vapes are not here for a long time and so it is not clear that what the side effects of using them are. There are children and teenagers who are in the impression that vaping is safe and does not have side effects. However, it still needs more researches.

Smok starter kit is one of the safest kit which is can be used by the starters. Vaping is more secure than smoking. The micro particles produced by the vaping are not as harmful as produced by the smoking but still if you are vaping indoor then one can feel it.

So, if one compares the overall factors of vaping and smoking then it is clear that smoking is more dangerous than vaping. While it is not clear yet that vaping can help to quit smoking but it is still helpful to reduce the carving of smoke it satisfies one’s tastebuds.