Telugu movies are very various, and they can offer you a lot: laughter, joy, they can hold your attention with an exciting story, and you will for sure want to watch them again! That is why we have selected the top three best Telugu movies that you cannot miss to watch. You can watch now on aha movies.

1.    Jalsa

Sanjay Sahul, or just shortly Sanju, is a student from Osmania University. He works as a gym instructor. He fell in love with beautiful Indu. She wants to marry him, so Sanju meets her father. But her father is a police officer, and he was Sanju’s acquaintances long time ago. That is why he does not want to approve their love and let them marry each other. Indu’s father wants to find a man for her, and she does not like that. But Indu is not the only one who is in love with Sanju. Watch now and find out who likes Sanju too.

2.    100% Love

Balu is a great student at his university. His cousin, named Mahalakshmi, is coming to his house where she can continue studies. She is dreaming about her, Mr. Perfect. Ego arises between them, and they art their ways. The rest of the story is all about how they give up the ego?

3.    Parugu

Neelakanta is a person with a big reputation in his village. He has two daughters, and they mean the world to him. One of his daughters, Subbalakshmi, is in love with her native Errababu. She elopes with him on the day of her arranged wedding day. Everyone wants to know who helped them. Her sister’s relative Chinnabbai is suspecting that Errababu’s best friends helped them, so after that, they revealed that two more people, Sarma and Krishna, also were helping them to escape. They decide to kidnap them, but there was a huge mistake.

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