Your mother is one of the most important people during your wedding day. All guests will be looking at her as she walks you in the aisle. She must also look good when the host introduces her during the reception. Moreover, she must be radiant and pretty at all the wedding photos. As such, here are some tips that you can try to search for the best dress for your mom: 

Communicate With Her 

Your mom has already an idea about your wedding. However, you must talk to her about what you expect during your big day. Talk about the theme, the general style, and the color palette or the motif. You can also show her some pictures that you have pinned on your board. With this, she can have a visual guide that will lead her in the right direction in choosing the mother of the bride dresses.  

Consider the Motif 

The majority of the brides wish that their mom wear the same color as the bridal party. Sometimes, they want it to match exactly. You must remember that there are no exact rules that all the dresses must harmonize with one another.  

The tip is to let your mother’s dress coordinate and not clash with the hue of the day. Navy, metallic, blush, jewel tone, and chocolate brown are all beautiful colors for your mother. Traditionally, you must avoid buying your mother a dress which is ivory, white, champagne, black, or red colors. However, these traditions are changing and we have witnessed moms that look amazing even with the colors mentioned. 

If your mom is in doubt of what color to choose from, be sure to talk with her and let her know what you think about it. Check the JJ’s House for the various dresses to choose from. 

Begin Early 

It is recommended that you do your shopping for mother of the bride dresses six months before the wedding. With this, your mom can have some time to find the dress she really loves. She can also have ample time to schedule the fittings and do any necessary alterations. By then, you can have already decided on your wedding dress as well as the dress of the entourage. This is a major factor to consider so your mom can buy a dress that matches with you. 

Take Note of the Style 

Of course, your mom doesn’t want to upstage you on your wedding day. However, this does not mean that she must dress conservatively, frumpy, or matronly. There are various options at JJ’s House that are available today that will provide her with that glamorous look without being over the top. 

Depending on the overall mood of the wedding, a cocktail dress, classic suit, formal gown, or chic sheath will work fine. If you wish your mom to wear a dress that she’s not happy or if she likes something that you don’t agree, then it is best that you talk with each other. Do your best to work on the style that is good for both of you. Indeed, it’s your big day. But this is still a special day for her and she must be comfortable with her dress choice too.