Black pearls are found in the oysters which secrete black nacre or from the ones which are black-lipped. These are very rare pearls to be found in their natural form and also posses a great amount of lustre in them.

You must be aware of the jewelry that you wear. Therefore, it is necessary that you know about black pearls, their occurrence in nature and how they are used in jewellery.  Here are some of the interesting things that you must know about black pearls.

How Black Pearls Formed

Black pearls are formed when sand particle is stuck to the body of Tahitian black-lipped oyster. This specific oyster secretes a thick bland of lack nacre. If the pearl is close to this bank then it absorbs that coloring.  The closer the pearl gets to the lips, the darker its shade gets. The price of this pearl depends on its surfaced quality, lustre, size and shape.

Use them in the dressing

Black pearls have formed a new trend in the market with their stylish appearance. They are unique and hence, have formed their own brand image. You can match your black pearl jewelry with your black dress or pair it up with the gothic style for the night. You can even layer your black pearl with other bright necklaces to stand out and get a shiny and a mellow appearance on your neck.


Black pearls have had their reference in certain religious books too. Legend says that they were formed when moonlight fell on the sea and the black pearls were attracted to the surface of the water. They have been considered as lucky charms for many and it is said that they protect the owner from any negative energy. They also have some relation with cupid, royalty and have healing properties in them.


Hence, like all other pearls, black pearls too have their own significance and are unique in their own way. They have a lustrous appearance about them and attract people when worn in public. Hope this article has given you sufficient knowledge about black pearls and their occurrence.