Has your Twitter account at any point been hacked? Nearly everybody gets hacked at some time. It is an unavoidable truth when it comes to Twitter! There is nothing more awful than working hard to create a following on Twitter as compared to getting bolted out of your account since it got hacked.

So here are few fundamental ways you can keep your Twitter account secure.

  1. Make Strong Passwords

Here are some tips from Twitter you can use to make strong passwords which would even confuse the twitter password hacker:

  • Make a password which is somewhere around 10 characters in length
  • Use a blend of symbols, numerals, lower and capitalized case letters
  • Use an alternate password for every email and social media website
  • Store your password in a safe spot if you have habit of forgetting your password
  • Utilise a password management device to keep your passwords secure
  1. Use Login Verification

Don’t simply depend on your password. Twitter gives 2-step verification to ensure just you get to your account. You should punch Inthe right code to get to your Twitter account. Utilize your Security settings on Twitter to initiate the requests of verification.

  1. Watch Out for Phishing

Con artists will surely try to get to your private data utilizing tweets, direct messages and mails on Twitter through a practice called as “phishing”. They may reveal to you your Twitter account has been hacked and educate you to change your password right away. They may guarantee that you have won a challenge and all you have to do to guarantee your prize is sign in to your Twitter account. Try not to fall for these traps! Never give out your password to anyone for no matter what the reason is given by Twitter password hacker. These are generally signs that somebody is trying to hack into your account.

  1. Be Wary of 3rd Party Websites and Apps

Do you intend to utilize your Twitter record to enlist for 3rd party applications or websites? Be cautious! Doing as such gives the applications constrained access to your Twitter account. Therefore, beware! Also, on the off chance that you experience anything strange or sketchy expel the application from your account at the earliest.

  1. Secure Your Phone

A standout amongst the most ideal approaches to keep all your social media networking accounts secure is essentially locking your cell phone with a strong password. That way no one can get to your accounts even if your telephone gets stolen or lost.