Getting the quality medical cannabis is the main concern of the users whether he is a doctor, patients or medicine manufacturer. Its medical application is increasing day-by-day as it has the health benefits. Knowing the way of finding the quality helps the customers to take the right decision.

Finding the right quality of Cannabis

People are choosing this wonder drug over others because of its personal, health and lifestyle based reasons. One can go through the mentioned factors to evaluate the quality.

  • Smell

This is the very first factor which helps in finding the right cannabis. Your nose definitely works as a detective. There are tiny crystalline trichomes present on the exterior of resin glands which are responsible for producing the terpenoids. The pungent aroma makes the medical cannabis distinct from others. Never mistake its smell with sweet, earthy, smoky or ashy aromas.

  • See its crystal and structure

The brilliance of its shapes and structures attracts the users towards it. The cannabis has an intact geometry, round and symmetrical shaped buds. The buds don’t allow it to convert in powder when crushed. Instead of that it transforms into the smaller chunks.

  • Presence of hairs

You would definitely think what the importance of hairs in finding the quality is. We must tell you that hair like structures are meant for finding the bud quality.

  • Color of Cannabis

The next characteristics in a row are its color. By knowing this, you would come to learn a lot about the medical cannabis.

  • Finding the moisture level

By knowing the moisture level, one can easily know about the age, curing process and storage requirements of the cannabis.

  • Texture

You can neglect this point as it is helpful in understanding the cannabis strains.

These all factors are really helpful in making the right decision of buying the cannabis.