This life is very busy and getting busy day by day, and in the hectic day of life and years, there are only events in which we get the chance of enjoying something. Whether they are wedding, small functions, parties or corporate events, they can be anything. There are fun and thrill in them. The events that you see, feel to you amazing but it is only from outside from which you see them. There are lots of preparations that go behind them to make them the reality that you are seeing and enjoying in them. A best event that you love to and wish to go again and again is the work of professional and experienced event planners that work tirelessly for it to make it reality. And it ranges from event planning, catering, décor, lighting to other paraphernalia of it. If you see it happening and getting to the final stage, you will realize that any event is the work of thousands works and you get the feeling that it is not an easy work to do while the hard work.

I remember my sister’s wedding, for which I did all the wedding planning. I thought about it that I can do it easily but when it really came to me I knew how hectic and daunting it is that squeezes all the energy from you and yet it doesn’t get completed easily. Any event for an event planner is about making it a reality what a client is anticipating and it is the responsibility of an event planner.

So, it was my responsibility to make my sister’s wedding as she wanted it. And I really tell you it was very hard that I at that time didn’t know how I should do it. But at the end of the day I planned the wedding pretty good except one mistake that I regret still, which I should have really paid attention to it.  I tell you what it was but first of all I want to thank God that my sister got saved from the mishap.

Somehow my sister’s going-to-be husband at the wedding saved her from falling from the circling mandap whose screw was loose at the time when she and the groom stepped on it for “Varmala ceremony” and it started to round. About the loosed screw I was aware of and put in the wedding venue decorating it.

When in the night, the time of Varmala ceremony, when my sister and the groom stepped on it, and it started to move with the loosed screw, and then suddenly it turned down completely disbalancing both the groom and the bride but somehow situation got saved and my sister too when everyone helped and the groom saved my sister from falling.

What my mistake was that I didn’t check the circling mandap when it came and got installed at the wedding venue. I should have checked it whether it was properly maintained or not. If I had checked it, the mishap could have been saved from happening. Though nothing any serious happened and not any damage and injury to anyone in the wedding.

Hence I want to say whenever you are planning any event, check it and pay attention to everything what is coming and going in the event. It is your responsibility if you are planning it. There are many event management companies in Bangalore that you can hire if any event you are thinking to make it happen in the city whether wedding or any other else.  And If you need vendors, then visit Shaadidukaan, an online wedding market.