Knowledge transmission is done through various means out of which, Education is seen as the conventional way. The knowledge gained can be turned into desired skills which help in earning a livelihood. Children are accustomed to classroom teaching so far but these days, with the introduction of modern technology in education, the traditional way of learning has changed.

Meaning of Flipped Learning

The flipped classroom is a learner-centered initiative which can consist of video lectures of various questions and answers which can be found in various study materials and among them, one is NCERT Solutions which are prepared by teachers or any third party and focuses on providing meaningful learning opportunities of various topics. Click here to download NCERT Solutions.


Flipped learning can transform the way by which we understood science and math concepts so far. Subjects which requires an understanding of principles and formulas will be easier to grasp with interactive videos and with explanatory simulations with respect to that topic. The hard topics in the curriculum can be learned through this technique which also consist of video lectures and research, online collaborative discussions, digital mode of learning etc.


The main objective of this kind of learning is to focus on the importance of time required to consume knowledge in an interactive manner. The most useful approach now these days is the use of educational apps. These apps are being developed by educational entities and this is believed to be the new traditional way to provide education to the learners who are not able to be present in the live classroom. Students can find solutions to questions from various online course materials such as NCERT Solutions For Class 7 and prepare effectively.

Flipped learning includes all forms of learning such as oral, visual, listening, hands-on, problem-solving etc. Students are gaining useful ideas in flipped learning and educators are increasingly recognizing the need for online teaching apps to educate people with utmost convenience at their fingertips. This kind of learning is more application based and provides the hands-on experience which is proving to be the modernized way of transforming education.