Roughly, while Criminal Law says what is right and wrong and determines the limits to punish any criminal, the Criminal Procedure area tells how that criminal should be tried. That is, it is the branch of law that informs the steps to be followed in order to have an impartial and fair legal process.Those who specialize in Criminal Procedural Law may also often wish to act in the public sphere, seeking to be sued for the School of Magistracy and to become Judge. If you want to hire the real professional, here you should know the criminal lawyer based in Melbourne right now.

What to study to be a better criminal lawyer?

There are other concepts and disciplines that can greatly help anyone who wants to become a good criminal lawyer. Some of them are:

Legal medicine: helps to understand what occurs during the skill;

Legal psychology: helps to observe and discover what is really behind a speech and the actions of its clients;

Criminalistic: a technique that involves several applied sciences during the criminal investigation, in order to clarify the crime and to identify its authors;

Digital Crimes: With the increasing use of technology in all spheres, knowing how crimes in digital media occur can help both criminologist and client as well as broadening career possibilities.

In addition, the criminal lawyer must delve into other branches of law, in order to have a complete vision applied to the sanctions that he should understand. Constitutional, Administrative, Civil Law and Criminal Procedure are indicated as some of the most important branches.

How does a career in Criminal Law work?

There are a few different ways to act as a criminal lawyer. One is defending the interests of those who are victims of the crime; another is defending those accused of committing the crime.With this, the right to self-defense before the courts, guaranteed to any citizen, whether criminal or not, is put into practice; and also the criminal lawyer’s advocacy in defense of those who claim to be victims.

When a criminal act is proven, for example, it must work to guarantee a sentence that does not exceed the limits of what must be punished, proportionally to the crime committed.If it is proven that there was no crime, the criminal defense lawyer will act to clarify the facts until the defendant is acquitted.

What is the daily routine of a criminal lawyer?

Now, let’s talk about how the day-to-day work of a lawyer works when he is already working in the criminal law field. Do you know the scene where there is a table, several papers, a computer and the quiet customer service? Know that this is not part of the routine of a criminal lawyer. Hours are often irregular, and emergencies and constant visits to police stations and detention centers are required.In addition, the lawyer will have to deal with the bureaucratic part, draft the petitions and (try to) fulfill an agenda