Coworking is a relatively new practice, born in 2005 and then spread all over the world.In 2018 many companies have decided to work in shared environments, so much so that the number of coworking spaces has more than doubled in the last three years.

But what exactly is coworking?

Coworking is not just about sharing infrastructure and costs but also about belonging to a community, accessibility and sustainability. The coworking spaces are designed to provide a productive, collaborative, dynamic and flexible environment, with the aim of satisfying the most diverse needs. With the Sydney office space with shared desks the deals come perfect now.

Generally these environments include

Shared work spaces, 24/7 access, conference rooms and other bookable spaces, Wi-Fi, shared equipment (printers, photocopiers), private switchboard systems (PBX), kitchens, bathrooms, lounges.

The coworking spaces are used by different subjects

Startups or entrepreneurs

For those who are just starting out, coworking is the perfect option because it offers an extensive internal network with which to relate, it reduces staff numbers and infrastructure set-up costs.

Small businesses or SMEs

The coworking spaces contain the numerous expenses that a company is generally required to face, do not require long-term contracts and generally make available everything that can be used for the activity (meeting rooms, equipment).

Many coworking spaces are also located in central business areas with easy access to transport, bars, shops and gyms whose independent rental for a small or medium-sized company would be impossible. Choosing the practice of coworking is also a great incentive to attract the best talents, given that in shared spaces many events, workshops, lunches and other cultural or learning activities are often organized for their members.


Coworking is also chosen by many freelancers who would otherwise be forced to work alone or at home in a noisy bar. Coworking gives them the opportunity to be part of a community varied, made up of interesting and ambitious people who work on all types of business.

Big companies

Coworking offers numerous benefits to employees, from greater happiness and productivity to networking opportunities with people with different profiles. Big business can make coworking an added value, a resource.

Certainly, like all choices, even the one relating to coworking space must be carefully evaluated. Everything depends on the individual or company that uses the space. Coworking is not for everyone but leads to great benefits. Coworking is an attitude.

Transformation of corporate culture to match the culture of the work area

Despite these conceivable problems, which may also arise in other work environments, coworking is affirmed today as an alternative to be taken into consideration, as a possibility of growth and as an additional resource. The contemporary economy increasingly needs these flexible and dynamic spaces.

The now “coworking” Australian colossus, the Brescia-based Talent Garden, enters the Google for Entrepreneurs circuit, the now famous division of the most famous search engine worldwide, specialized in supporting startups and their innovative ideas on a global scale.

What does it mean? The game is soon made, coworking is now a reality that attracts not only talents, but also, and above all, large-scale investments.