Though it had been formulated as an idea in the 1980s, the internet as we really know it sprang into life around 1990. It was at this time that Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web to begin connecting everyone together with the internet, wherever you were on the planet. Nothing was ever the same again – from gaming to shopping and beyond, the internet has really transformed how we all live now.

One area that really jumped on board with all that the internet could offer is careers. There have been great changes to how you can find a job and also to the different roles that you can fulfill. The digital age has really ushered in a new way to look after your working life, especially in recent years.  

What impact did the internet have to careers?

If you are wondering just how the internet changed the game in the careers sector, then here are a few key ways:

  • Networking the internet has made networking a whole lot easier because you can do it without leaving your desk. This means that you lose less working time but can still reap the rewards. It also means that those who don’t enjoy traditional networking can avoid the embarrassment that this brings by doing it all online.

LinkedIn is the king of networking online for careers and is a major way that people source work or make new contacts now. Tommie Copper is one such company that uses LinkedIn in this way – indeed, more information on the company and Tommie Copper jobs can be found easily on this social network.

  • New careers altogether some of the most popular careers currently are in sectors such as digital marketing or social media management. These are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of totally new roles that only exist thanks to the internet. This is a major change to the careers sector and one for which the digital nature of the internet is solely responsible.

  • How you find and apply for jobs those old enough will remember what job hunting was like before the internet. You would have to search local newspapers for vacancies and then apply in writing for any that you liked. The internet totally ripped this up and made it quicker and easier to find work. Now, you can simply search online via the many online recruitment agencies for work and apply with a quick email.

  • More careers information one great advantage of the internet as a jobseeker is that it opens up the whole of the employment market for you. You can find out about a job that you like that you might not even had known existed before an internet search. When you find any jobs that you like, you will have all the information that you need from expert sources on what it entails and how to move into that area.

  • Global careers another brilliant thing that the internet has done for careers is to make the world your potential employer. With the online nature of job hunting now and the connectedness of the World Wide Web, you can find and apply for jobs anywhere in the world.

  • History – when it comes to careers, a big impact that the internet has seen from an employer’s viewpoint is being able to check out people’s history before deciding to employ them. They can take your CV and check all the major details now for accuracy along with your social media activity to gauge your suitability.

When it comes down to it, the internet has been so amazing because it gives you true freedom. When it comes to careers, the internet has allowed for more people to work from home or work as freelancers. The online world that the internet enables also allows for email and video chat, which has made these types of working practical and feasible for more workers.

As a jobseeker, employer or professional within the careers sector, the internet has provided amazing benefits to all. It not only makes it easier to find a job or hire someone but also provides true flexibility in how you work and what you can do. No longer are you limited by what jobs are free in your town or country – the internet has made it possible to find the ideal career for you, wherever you are.