Every city has its own cuisine which includes different flavors and spices. When you visit a city to explore, you actually want to know their lifestyle and culture. It includes all monuments, buildings, history, religion and food. There are special food tours that take place in many cities in order to make tourists aware about the specialty of that city. These food tours also organize workshops for everyone.

New Orleans, a largest and metropolitan city of Louisiana, US is popular for its architecture and history of 1800s. It is famous around the world for its food as the cuisine is different and special. New Orleans flavor is derived from various cultures like, local, French, Italian, Spanish, Cajun, Native American, Chinese, and Cuban. Food tour NOLA is interesting because even street food can offer you varieties that you have never come across.

Here are few dishes that you can taste in NOLA –

  • Grilled crawfish bread is served with sandwich topped with crawfish and sautéed onions, pepper and cheese. This is generally offered as brunch to customers.
  • Blue crab beignets are fried crispy morsels which are eaten with a cocktail.
  • Death by gumbo is a dish where quail is slightly stuffed with poached oysters, burnt andouille, sauces and rice and served in plate filled with soup. When you cut the quail all ingredients float in soup.
  • Pho is a soup that contains broth of oysters and shrimp. It can be renovated with mustard greens and oxtail with duck confit.
  • Barbecue lobster consists of lobster claw that is barbecued instead of shrimp and served with toasted baguette and Creole spiced butter.
  • Muffaletta is a kind of sandwich where between two pieces of sesame bread, ham, salami and mortadella are stuffed. However, certain twists have been given to this recipe and it has made vegetarian Muffaletta by filling tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, eggplant and cheese in it.
  • Oyster dishes are common in this city but you should try the special Oyster Goodenough that is prepared with fried oysters topped with bacon, creamed leeks and béarnaise sauce.
  • You have tried many savories now it’s time for some dessert. Bourbon cornbread pudding that is served with fudge sauce, seasonal fruit and bourbon pecan.

The list doesn’t end here you might find some more exciting dishes that you may like to inform others about. Try extraordinary cuisines and suggests your friends and family about food tour in NOLA.