Have you ever gone or visited Lombok before? It is an island in the Lesser Sunda Islands or Nusa Tenggara separated by Lombok Straits that expands from Bali. The land is famous for its natural beauty with all of the beautiful beaches, making Lombok one of the Indonesia’s most visited tourist destination by both foreign and local tourists. The blend between culture, locals, and Lombok attractions is so strong and this is why those tourists are enamored with eastern part of Indonesia. As information, Lombok as well as Sumbawa have been designated as halal destinations by government and this what makes tourists from countries with a Muslim majority flooded the Islands; they even have the international Halal Food and Fair, which also involves fashion. In addition, they have a series of festivals to be held in 2017. Some of them has been held annually, while some are just new. This shows homw much their desire to make the land as a new central of tourism. Nevertheless, you should not miss them when visiting Lombok, or probably you come for just the event, who knows. Check this out.

The Nusa Tenggara government along with the ministry of tourism have released the Calendar of Even Lombok Sumbawa 2017 containing some tourism events to boost the Lombok attractions visit, so here they are:

  • Lombok Great Sale

For one full month in February, traveler will be offered by various discounts for flight ticket, tour packages to price offs.

  • Pesta Rakyat Bau Nyale (Bau Nyale Festival)

It is a festival held in a beach where people gathered to catch sea worms. This is a sacred tradition that has been associated with local’s urban legend. It is held every February each year.

  • Pesona Lawata Festival

The festival is commemorated by holding a traditional horse race in Bima. The event is held between March and April each year.

  • Tour de Lombok

On beginning of April, the annual professional road bicycle racing stage race is on par with the international Tour de Singkarak in North Sumatra.

  • Pesona Tambora Festival

Held in mid April, the festival is held to commemorate the great Mount Tambora that once erupted greatly in 1815.

Do you think those events above are half of the event held in 2017? No, there are more! While you should check by yourself the Lombok attractions guide, we will provide the list containing some of them.

  • Rinjani 100K

You should be able to guess what kind of event it is. The annual long-distance race is participated by hundreds runners from across the world.

  • Mutiara Lombok Sumbawa and Flower Festival

Between June and Jule, the island will hold a festival exposing the beauty of Nusa Tenggara’s natural product which are pearl and alluring flower in Sembalun area.

There are still a ton of events consisting of cultural and sport tourism that will be too bad to miss. Go to the city government’s official website and check your calendar. We are pretty sure you won’t regret it.