Unlike a lot of other presents we receive, a watch is something that stays with us for a really long time,  possibly foverer. Therefore, when you decide to give such a present to a lady, you need to consider the gift from each angle in order to get just the right item for that particular person.

So how do you pick a watch that will make its new owner actually want to wear it every day? One thing is for sure, don’t just hastily take a leap and pick an item in gold and flashy ornaments. The industry is so changed and diverse as compared to the past, that you can now find elegant and thoughtful styles and designs for just about any taste. Do your homework if you want to make a gift to remember.

Check Out Her Jewellery And Accessories 

Does the recipient already have a watch? If not, take a look at the fashion, accessories and jewellery she wears on a daily basis. They will be a strong indicator of what kind of watch is most likely to catch her attention. Apart from giving away a lady’s tastes, considering her wardrobe means she will ultimately receive a fashion item that matches her wardrobe in the first place. If it doesn’t go well with a single outfit, chances are it will only collect dust in the closet.

If a woman doesn’t wear any accessories or jewellery, she might still not object to an item that will help her keep track of time. In this case just make sure you go for a basic and elegant design without  excessive ornaments, if any.

Select The Right Model And Brand 

A lot of brands have made a name for themselves by creating and popularizing high-end ladies’ watches. They often even place great emhasis on the niche. Kate Spade watches are one such example. Many brand names devote a lot of effort in order to breathe fresh air into and develop the genre.

Even if you go for a luxury brand, check for affordable models. Most brands will have a couple of really awesome ladies models which look stunning and won’t break the bank.

Pay Attention To Size And Style 

With a few exceptions, women nowadays seem to go for bigger-sized watches. If you are not sure about her size preferences, however, don’t go overboard with the idea. Choose and average size instead, in order to avoid getting something either too big or too small for her taste.

Also, consider whether you are making a present for everyday use, or a jewel-like item that is more suitable for special occasions and official attire. Always begin by thinking about formal dress code and go from there. Solid or plated gold is often the standard choice that will fit an evening gown or business outfit. At the same time, stainless steel is a safe choice for the sporty type, especially if the timepiece is going to be worn at the gym or during some other kind of training class. Needless to say, in this case basic is best.