You may have come across a lot of video players on the internet promising to offer you great features but ultimately they have failed to live up to their promises. Well, that’ because up till now you haven’t tried out the best of the lot and that is Elmedia Video Player. It is a great video player for the Mac OS which is known to support almost every file format. Well, that’s one of its specialties.

Elmedia Video Player: The Details

Elmedia video player is available in two versions, one is the free version and the other one is the pro version which is not free. Both the versions are great but it is obvious that the pro version will be better than the normal one. That’s because the pro version of the Elmedia video player has more features to offer. Let’s have a quick look at all the features that both the versions have to offer.

  • Elmedia Video Player:

Here are the features that are offered by the Elmedia Video Player:

  1. It can support any video or audio format.
  2. You can even watch online YouTube videos with the open online video option in the player.
  3. It comes with an inbuilt web browser as well.
  4. You can even compile and edit your own playlist and thus, your music accordingly.
  5. You can even save and manage the subtitles.
  6. It also comes with SWF settings.
  7. Control the speed of the video and audio playback.
  8. You can even control the player with the media player hotkeys.

  • Elemdia Video Player Pro

Here are the features that are offered by the pro version:

  1. You can enjoy the various options of adjusting video playback in the pro version.
  2. You can even convert flash projectors to SWF.
  3. If you want you can also take screenshots in the video.
  4. The pro version also provides with enhanced playback features.
  5. You can also adjust the audio settings.
  6. The pro version also has the option of AirPlay.
  7. You can even choose the output device for both audio and video.

These are the extra features that you can get in the pro version in addition to the features that are available in the non-pro version.

Now that you know about such a great video player you can try it out on your Mac desktop. In fact, you can even use it on your Apple TV.