Most business and homeowners recognize the importance of keeping their places clean and tidy. For proper cleaning, NSS wrangler is the best solution. These machines are famous for their simplicity, quality, and performance. Each Wrangler is made for heavy duty industrial and commercial use.

NSS machines are reliable and make cleaning easy. The machines come in varieties to meet your job specification and budget. There are optional solutions like tanks speed scrubbing and bonnet cleaning. With NSS wrangler you can perform many cleaning care activities both for carpet and hard floors. There are factors you need to consider when getting an NNS machine for your home or company which include;


Before purchasing the automatic scrubber, you need to find the right size for you. To do that you will need some information like;

  • How many square footages you need to clean
  • How much time is available for floor cleaning depending on the cost of labor
  • If the area is congested or a free and open facility

Your layout

Regardless of the size of the room you plan to clean, other factors in regards to the configuration of the floor need to be put in consideration. The primary factor is the width of the aisles. For example, if your room has six- foot aisle and it is cluttered with stock items or any other obstacles, it reduces the clearance to about three feet. With this you can use a 20- inch scrubber since the 27- inch can have trouble navigating through the items. Also if the Isle requires tight turns, the 20-inch machine is the best.


Ensure that the machine you purchase has a warranty. This is to guarantee you that if the machine breaks down within a given period, it can be repaired for free or it can be replaced with a new one. This way you will save on your funds, and you will be at ease. However, there are exclusions which include;

  • Damage that occurs during shipment
  • If the Wrangler has been subject to misuse, overloading or negligence
  • In case the device has been used improperly or for other purposes other than the intended purpose
  • Lack of mandatory maintenance as described in the NNS manual
  • If the machine has already been modified from its original design or has been repaired by non- authorized personnel
  • Damage resulting from the use of incompatible and corrosive chemicals

These are just some of the conditions that are excluded from the warranty benefits.

NNS Wranglers are known for their originality, affordability, and durability. You would not want to miss the advantage and comfort that comes with using this machine for cleaning. No energy is used, and it leaves your floor sparkling clean. Come to us and get yours today. We can assist you to understand more about the machine and how to use it.