Whether you drink it or not, Brut champagne is used or everyday and special celebrations. But have you ever thought of what Brut really means in the bubbly world? It’s actually very interesting and a great conversation topic at cocktail parties or anytime a bit of bubbly trivia may come up. Brut comes from a late 19th century word meaning raw or rough. This is because it is a very dry, naturally low sugar wine. Brut champagne is available is many sweetness levels. Here is a run down the six different types. Cheers!

1.  Ultra Brut/Brut Zero/Extra Brut:  These selections are some of the driest sparkling wines available and have less sugar than others because they have less “left over” or residual sugar. During the fermentation process, there is less residual sugars which gives wine its sweetness. Ultra Brut, Brut Zero and Extra Brut are Brut Champagnes are said to be “fully dry and the pallet should taste no sweetness at all.

2.  Brut :  This selection contains no more than 1.5 percent sugar. It will taste dry with little to no sweetness at all. Brut sparkling wine is the most  popular selection on the market. Most champagnes that are not vintage have the same sweetness level as Brut champagne.

3. Extra Dry/Extra Sec: This selection is “off dry” and has a slight sweetness due to the two percent sugar.

4.  Sec: This is noticeably sweet and can have up to 3.5 percent sugar

5.  Demi-Sec: This selection can have as much as five percent sugar

6.  Doux:  This is very, very sweet and can have as much as ten percent sugar.

Here are a few more facts for you to toast:

1.  Champagne is always sparkling wine and only sparkling wines from the Champagne region of northern France can be called champagne

2.  Champagne is champagne only when it is made from these grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir.

3.  Those living in Spain refer to sparkling wine as “Cava”, Italy”, Spumante and Germany, “Sekt.”

Brut Champagne can be enjoyed straight from the bottle or as an ingredient in a tasty sparkly cocktail. Here are a few recipes for your next celebration:

Brut Champagne Cocktail:  Chill a champagne flute, add a sugar cube, some bitters, fill the flute with Brut Champagne and finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice….delightful for brunches, everyday celebrations and toasting special occasions.

Brut Champagne Mimosa:  This refreshing bubbly has two simple ingredients, orange juice (fresh is best) and Brut Champagne. Mix the two in a Champagne flute and toast to life.

Champagne Pomegranate Cocktail: This cocktail has only two ingredients, pomegranate juice and Brut champagne. Make a splash with your guests when you combine these two refreshing ingredients for a delicious, sweet and tart treat.