Hiring professional copywriters to handle your blog, article and newsletter writing is time efficient and cost effective. Don’t struggle to incorporate these tasks in to already busy work days, entrust your copywriting to experienced professionals like the team at Connotations. You’ll be delighted by the results.

Blogs, articles and newsletters are essential forms of communication which, when they are written correctly, utilise a variety of appropriate keywords which increase the volume of search matches in a search engine and therefore the company and their products online visibility. Excellent content helps an enterprise to flourish.

Brand awareness escalatesand the more you’re seen, the stronger your online presence.The outlay on article, newsletter or blog writing services should be returned manifold by the wholly positive results. Every word written is sent out to work hard for you.

61% of customers appreciate a weekly promotional e-mail.

28% would be pleased to receive newsletters more than once a week.

95% of them find these communications useful.

If your operation doesn’t engage new business and maintain a relationship with existing clients via online tools and an e-mail mailing list you are neglecting fundamental areas. Can any business afford to miss opportunities to stay uppermost in a client’s mind?

The writer assigned to your workload learns about you, your firm, services andproduct range and who your target audience is. Using tones of voice which work with the company’s corporate identity, marketing via blogs, articles and newsletters is more than forcing home a sales message.

Article, newsletter and blog writing services inform readers about the industry sector your business inhabits, new products, developments and legislation changes. The engaging content normally leads to a call to action which compels the reader to do something positive.  Blog writing services often use a less formal tone than article writing service providers and newsletters can use a variety of tones dependant on the core audience and topics discussed.

In all three copywriter services, content flows naturally, does not utilise jargon that bemuses and is free of grammatical and punctuation errors.

Mistakes act as a red flag; if the writing isn’t at the optimum level this can raise doubts in the reader – the potential client’s – mind about attention to detail. Professional article writing services don’t suffer from the same demands and distractions that in-house marketing staff combat so every piece published is of the highest quality and produced without stress to the marketing team.

It’s easy for in-house writers to use jargon or to forget that the reader doesn’t necessarily have the same breadth of knowledge as them but copywriters approach work from a different angle which is a positive attribute. By familiarising themselves with the client they write for, copywriters can discuss technical matters and make them accessible to all readers.

Newsletter, blog and article writing services achieve the client’s aims without betraying the fact that an in-house writer didn’t create the work. With a competent, highly regarded copywriting firm like Connotations you enjoy peace of mind, confidence and the rewards of effective writing.