Lonely Planet has released its yearly list of the best 5 travel destinations in europe. The European destinations selected by them might surprise you. Travelers to Europe trip across the borderies with licence and make the utility of the inexpensive international airlines in the world.

Le Havre, France

Began with a summer’s vacations, we’re going to Le Havre, a small town in the Normandy place of Northern France. According to the Lonely Planet says, Le Havre, “Will commemorate its 500th anniversary with art- and music-filled fête, a five-month-long,” this summer.

Normal peak: 70° F July, 46° F January

Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos, and Cyprus as a entire, fit well under the radar when it comes top 5 travel destinations in europe. Perhaps it’s because of Greece, Italy and Malta are so much  near to Western Europe, or maybe the rumpus of the nations surrounding, Cyprus has given it a bad reputation and position. Whatever the reason, Paphos’ identification as the European Capital of Culture for 2017 refers to it will be whispers even more than actual, with hundreds of occasions aimed at exploring, sharing and connecting various cultures of the local area and beyond the local area. Cyprus can get determinately hot:

Normal peak: 86° F July, 63° F January


Moldova is another rarely-visited European Country, maybe because of few well know what it has to offer. A landscape of low, a secretive cave monasteries and rolling hills are just a some of the gems you’ll explore here. Moldova’s capital city of Chişinău, is marvelous slow, but the countryside is the place where you’ll feel most at peaceful. Take a journey to Orhei, an hour’s drive to north of Chişinău, for a hike by fields and forests and a glance at the sacred Orheiul Vechi.

Normal peak: 77° F July, 32° F January

Northern Germany

Oktoberfest in Munich is one of a type. The fort of Bavaria look similar like they’re straight from a fairy tale. Berlin can be downright unnatural. With all this moving on in Germany, far little attention is paid to the country’s north, where the likes of Bremen and Hamburg reside. Don’t let some one to fool you, although; there’s a lot going on to north, as well.

Normal peak: 71° F July, 37° F January

The Alentejo, Portugal

Portugal has been collecting a lot of attention lately as one of Europe’s more inexpensive places to live, but there’s plenty events for short-term travelers, as well as. We’re talking about expansive sandy beaches, craggy intimidating cliffs, awesome surf and dusty red soils similar to a Western Australian landscape.

Average peak: 91° F July, 61° F January in Algarve

Those are the best 5 travel destinations in europe to visit in 2017, during your summer vocation, as to make them more enjoyable in these summer, as ranked by Lonely Planet. With a few notable irregularities, most of them are well off-the-beaten-routes, perfect for exploring something new on your next European holidays.