As we all know that the doulas are the life gifting person. When the mother is going to give birth to her baby. The nearest person to the mother, to take care of her is a doula. The doula is a combination of many people such as a friend, doctor, mother and caretaker. There are various steps which include to BECOME A DOULA.  To join this job a person should keep his attitude, very much positive and friendly. The person who is become a doula also should have a very great experience over her work, because this work stakes to lives, one is of mother and other is the newborn.

Norms to become a doula :

To become a doula, one has to volunteer her to have a positive attitude. Also, she should gain some medical knowledge and emotional experience.

The main norms to become a doula is as follows :

  • To have confidence do this job, very much accurately.
  • To fill the forms for course for becoming a doula.
  • Payments are made for the admissions of the course.
  • Then gaining knowledge is carried out.
  • Practising is done for gaining experience, and then the emails for certification are received.
  • After getting training one can carry out the practice.

How do practising take place

Before becoming a doula, the candidate who gains the knowledge has to carry out the practice. The practice includes the, making out the labour of a woman, and handling her. Giving a positive moral to the mother is also a very good practising in the job of a doula. The main things which are to be kept in mind, during the job of a doula are as follows:

  1. Medical knowledge
  2. Emotional counsellor
  3. Positive attitude
  4. Smiling face