You must be familiar with the fact that words are attributed with having considerable power. You can make or break a relationship with the mere use of words, convey your feelings or hurt another by a mere altercation of words. So it need not be made any clearer that even the smallest ones are all that is required to carry across the feelings that have for another. We use words in our daily course of activities to ensure that people know we are thinking about them, and on other times, we have nothing to say even when we sit together for hours. There can be as many combinations of words as there are stars in the sky. And one such tiny combination of words is good night.

A very simple word with a very simple meaning but then, it is the very simplest of words that have the greatest of effects. Imagine that you have come home after a tiring day; you live all alone and have no one to share your story of the day with. There is no option of you heading out again as you are already too exhausted to set foot out again. You pack up and are about to fall asleep when you get a message from a loved one who is wishing you good night. Be honest and answer, would you not fell just a tad bit happy? After all, it means that you have someone to look after you and care for you even in a time when we are only obsessed with making more money and rising up the social ladder.

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A simple and well timed message:

After the occasion has passed, even pages prove futile. You cannot make up for the moment gone by; all you can do is to ensure that you are not left speechless again. The relations of a lifetime are built upon the words in careful moments spoken. It is agreed and accepted that one cannot at all times be prepared to answer the most complex of questions but with the help of few choice words, he can learn to navigate the troubles waters. Wishing someone that they have a serene next few numbers of hours mean that you care about them. At a time when no one can afford to sit down and write letters, all we have is the ability to make sure that we cherish and show others we care in little moments and small ways.

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A text message, a social networking site, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. the ways are many. All you have to choose is your method of approach. Until and unless you take the first step, very few would be willing to take the one that leads towards you. Wishing someone a goodnight has evolved nowadays, you can say it in so many forms and in so many ways. From cards to personalized messages, it is all a matter of your choosing and approval. In the times we live, take a moment to say that you care. The above source have been inspired by fogut messages.