When you spend your days over the road, you understand how important it is for your truck to get good gas mileage. Pushing your vehicle farther on a tank of diesel saves money for your company, which keeps prices down and makes your business more attractive to customers. Here are three things you can do to your semi-truck to help get the best fuel efficiency possible.

Install Upgraded Fuel Components

Upgrading the fuel system components in your truck improves the overall functioning of the system. Parts such as a new fuel pump, an Airdog fuel pressure sensor or other upgraded fuel components ensure the optimal air to diesel ratio. A good balance in the system prevents the engine from slowing down and expelling unburned fuel through the exhaust.  

Improve the Aerodynamics of the Trailer

The wind resistance created by a large trailer negatively affects the fuel efficiency of your truck. While flatbed trailers don’t get a lot of resistance when they’re empty, box trailers don’t provide that advantage. There are a few things you can do to increase the aerodynamics of your trailer, such as adding a skirt, which prevents air from being sucked underneath the trailer. Another option is to install a gap device between the cab and the trailer, improving aerodynamics on the freeway. 

Use a Better Type of Tire

Upgrading from radial tires to low rolling resistance tires allows your semi to coast farther. Less resistance from the road’s surface means your rig can go longer distances before applying the accelerator, which requires fuel. Though these tires may wear out faster, the decrease in fuel demand more than covers the difference in cost.

Improving the fuel efficiency in your semi-truck allows you to drive farther and fill up less often.  Spending less money on gas means your company can pass the savings on to your customers.