Enjoying warm sunny days outside is one of the major perks of Florida living, but mosquitos can ruin a good time pretty quickly.

The Sunshine State has four cities on Orkin’s list of top 50 cities for mosquitos, thanks in part to the warm temperatures and plentiful bodies of water.

Standing Water

Florida has thousands of lakes and countless ponds. While these are great for recreation and aesthetics, they’re also great for mosquitos. These blood-sucking insects love standing water and will lay their eggs on any puddle they can find.

If you have any still freshwater in your backyard, one option is aquascaping services Florida. Consider your water feature like an extension of your yard. Do you perform any landscaping on your grass or other plants, like mowing or trimming? Aquascaping is the equivalent for your pond or lake. Not only will it improve the appearance of your yard, but it will also improve the health of the water and fish, which will cut back on the number of mosquitos on your property.

Screens and Netting

Putting up a net around your entire yard is probably not a feasible option, but designating a section of your deck or patio for screening is a great choice. Having a screened-in porch means you’ll be able to enjoy meals and family time outdoors and avoid, not just mosquitos, but also flies, bees, and other pesky insects.

Natural Repellents

The University of Florida suggests that some plants have strong repellent properties against a variety of bugs, including mosquitos. Citronella grass, mint, lavender, and marigolds all contain chemicals and compounds that are natural deterrents for many types of insect activity. If you don’t have a green thumb, consider some low-maintenance options like lemongrass or sage.

Don’t let these itch-inducing pests keep you from enjoying the beautiful Florida weather.