If you have made up your mind to your wedding dress, you’re now probably ready to look for your accessories. From jewelry, shoes, and undergarments, there are various bridal accessories that you need to investigate. Here are the things that you need during your big day:


You need to check on what shoes to wear during your wedding day. With this, you can check if your bryllupskjole fits perfectly with your shoes. This is true whether you choose to wear comfy flats or sky-high heels. As you select your shoes, take into consideration the comfort that it offers. Put in mind the style and venue of your wedding too.

If your venue is outdoors with sand or grasses, then skip buying the stilettos because this won’t be appropriate or comfortable. You can select sandals, flats, or wedges. Meanwhile, if you love to wear heels during your wedding day, then you can try the sheer pumps. Try shoes with crystals and sequins that will match your gown. Surely, this will make you look awesome in the aisle. Check out JJ’s House for stylistic and trendy wedding shoes for you.

Hair Accessories

When it comes to deciding how you should wear your hair, you got a lot of options. You can wear it down, up, or in between. Moreover, you will need to decide if you like to wear any hair accessories.

Wear the traditional veil if you like to have it. There are lots of veils available in the market today. You can have the super long, mid-length, or short veil. Brides who have a classic theme can opt for a long veil that looks elegant. But remember, you don’t need a veil to feel bridal.

Meanwhile, if you choose not to wear a veil, there are other hair accessories to choose from. You just have to think out of the box and select an accessory that will complement your bryllupskjole. Flowers are natural and refreshing hair accessory whether you select a boho-chic or single blossom crown. You can also opt for more glam accessories. Examples of which are tiaras, hairpins, headbands, barrettes, combs, and bun wraps. For your vintage-themed wedding, you can try the fascinator or feathers.


For a vintage-inspired and traditional look, you can choose to have gloves. Bridal gloves are available in various styles and sizes. Take note that when you wear gloves during the ceremony, see to it that you remove them during the exchange of rings. You can check JJ’s House for designs that go on with your wedding gowns.


During your big day, you must have your wedding band and engagement ring. But when we talk about jewelry, you can decide what’s best for your dress. For example, you can have a necklace for your strapless gown. You can choose to wear a strand of freshwater pearls for a casual and contemporary look. Remember, you must not go overboard with your jewelry. You can have one to two pieces only and you will shine among the crowd.