Have you seen any advertisement of Anadrol, where the marketing people often show the before and after results of people, who have consumed this steroid? The pictures are no doubt very impressive however you must understand that it is not necessary that everyone will experience the same results.

If any of you are interested to try Anadrol then you must know how it should be used in order to get the right kind of results from it. Besides that, you must be aware about their side effects if it is used in wrong manner.

Results of Anadrol

People who use Anadrol after taking prescription from any registered doctor for treatment of their ailment may get positive results. However, if this is taken in excess then it can lead to several side effects. Therefore, in the USA this can be purchased only under the advice of medical practitioners.

However, many athletes and bodybuilders use this steroid for promoting growth of muscle tissues that can help in increasing the strength. It is important to source them from some genuine manufacturer with well-known brand. If you are looking online sources then you can fish out few good sources where you can obtain Anadrol of the right quality.

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However, whether you will get the results as per your expectation will depend upon the following factors.

  • Your age
  • Your present level of hormone
  • Your heredity conditions
  • Your present weight
  • Dosage
  • Dosage frequency
  • Kind of exercise that you do

People with very lean frame may not get good muscle as compared to someone with stockier frame.

Bodybuilding gain

Some of the bodybuilders can get impressive muscle gain due to water retention in their body after using Anadrol. These waters generally remain between muscle cells and fiber and protect the muscles. More amount of water will lead to more muscle weight, but this is not true for everybody.

Also, if this muscle that was found to be developed due to water retention gets damaged due to any injuries then it takes much longer time to heal. Therefore, if you are getting too much muscle then you must be aware about this risk.

Therefore, by looking at the pictures that are generally shown in various advertisements, you should not start believing them, but try to understand about the steroid in much more detail, whether it will be really beneficial to you or not. Try to learn from the experience of actual users.