It doesn’t matter if you wish to show off your family vacation photo or a timeline of school photos, canvas prints are what you need to make them special. Not only canvas prints brighten up any wall space, but also, they are an innovative way to transform any room. So, here we are with a list of the different types of canvas prints. In this article, we are going to explain these types of canvas prints briefly. Let’s move on and learn about them.

  1. The Single Canvas Print

The first type of canvas print is the single canvas print. It’s one of the simplest version in which you get to choose a single image and decide the size for cropping of the image. After that, the image is printed and stretched across a wooden frame. With high-quality materials such as natural canvas along with gallery grade frames and space bars, you can have a lively canvas print.

  1. A Photo Montage Print

With a photo montage print, you can have several pictures combined into one canvas print. In fact, this montage can be a unique gift if you printed on canvas. The use of natural fiber within the canvas will provide a first-rate photo reproduction levels, making it a realistic photo montage.

  1. Pop Art Prints

The third type of canvas print is the pop art prints, which converts the picture into colorful pop art. Then it’s printed on canvas with different sizes and dimensions to make sure the artwork is a modern masterpiece.

  1. Triptych and Other Multi Canvas Prints

In this type of canvas print, you can choose a photo and print it on a variety of canvases. Here, the photo will be broken into equal segments, each segment being printed on several canvases. Afterwards, the canvases will be hung on the wall, leaving small gaps between them. This will provide a tiled effect and it works best when you use a picture of nature.

  1. Color Conversions

Color conversions are another type of canvas print where you can convert your photos in black or white or sepia versions. With these variations, you can actually provide an artistic appearance to any kind of images. They are also suitable for mood photography and images of different people. Not to mention, they are best suited to images of different places and horizons.

  1. Filmstrip Montages

The last type on our list is the filmstrip montage where you can pick between three and nine images. Then these pictures are printed in a series with same quality canvas. However, a Hollywood inspired filmstrip border is printed around the edge of the canvas. It will provide an unusual finish, which will make the canvas print more appealing and beautiful.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is whichever type of canvas print you choose, you will get awesome artwork. The reason is canvas print can make any picture live and real with imaginary feeling. So, if you love the artwork, then go for a canvas print!