When you wish to use Winstrol for non-medical usage, we presume that you want it for bodybuilding and athletic performances. It is essential to be sure about the benefits and drawbacks, and for that, you must turn to the medical journals.

Winstrol is brand for common anabolic-androgenic steroids used by people, and it is popular for its tissue-building properties. The drug is generically known as Stanozolol but has been discontinued for human use in USA. It is common for veterinary practices and few medical treatments. To examine the pros and cons we ought to get the Winstrol uses and reactions.

Reviews of Winstrol

It is not tough to find Winstrol reviews for bodybuilding or muscle building in the underground labs. It is vaguely defined by the pharmaceutical companies. However, to know the generic review of Winstrol, you need to access both medical and non-medical articles. You must go through feedbacks, discussions, comments, and more.

Winstrol is known to help promote red blood cell synthesis. It has anabolic properties which improve our muscle size and growth. It also has an impact on the endocrine-metabolic functions in our body. Winstrol belongs to the endocrine-metabolic class of steroids and it is one of the Schedule III controlled substances, which can be easily abused.

Half-Life of Winstrol


Winstrol has a short half-life and that depends on the dosage. The average is about 5 hours for oral tablets and 24 hours for injections. The injectable Winstrol is known as Winstrol Depot. The drug is known for its ability for enhancing the creation of protein. It also maintains nitrogen level in our muscles.

The drug is also known to increase red blood cell production. However, people might experience several results from it. One person who uses Winstrol might bulk up or have muscle growth for their body frame, simple genetic or composition.

Most studies of Winstrol and side effects have been reported with regard to veterinary practices and uses. However, it is used by several people and it treats human condition called hereditary angioedema, and some types of anemia. In USA and Canada the drug was determined to give more side effects and potential of damage that people could gain. This is why it was banned later on.

Winstrol is derived from one metabolite of testosterone and that is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This makes it a common anabolic-androgenic steroid with high anabolic function and low androgenic characteristics.

Getting genuine reviews

When you look for reliable, informative and accurate reviews, you must remember that people can have different reaction to this drug. It applies to the effectiveness, potential side effects, results, and more. Consideration like weight, age, diet, genetic and medical history would determine the results.

When you look for Winstrol reviews in the bodybuilding websites, you would find enthusiastic defense of steroids, rather than a well-accessed medical journal or case study. However, you must believe that to examine the pros and cons is to give you the real scenario. Trust on websites that would give you proper information than one-sided comments.