The most cost-efficient way of transporting your vehicle is open trailers. Enclosed trailers free up a little more of your wallet and are harder to come by. Shipping with open trailers is simple and you can be confident that your vehicle will make it to its destination by your chosen date with the use of a professional service. 

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Types of Open Car Trailers

  • Single Car Hauler 

These are very prevalent kinds of car carriers. The longevity of this carrier is usually around 17 feet and 25 feet. This is a robust and very cost-efficient trailer. It is small in size and compact. Typically, it is required for short-distance shipping. This trailer’s deck is quite strong. Radial tires, rubber mounted lights, loading ramps, etc. are generally included in the carrier 

  •  Gooseneck Trailer 

It is a common trailer as well. The architecture of the gooseneck can comfortably carry loads of 30000 lbs. This trailer is extremely powerful. It is found in many styles and sizes. Compared to other trucks, this trailer is much better for tighter rotation. 

  •  Tilt Car Trailers  

These have tilting beds that give angles for loading.  The angle can be changed conveniently utilizing a hydraulic system. These trailers can accommodate lots of cars comfortably. They are long and the surface is clear.

Advantages of Open Trailer 

Transporting with open car trailers is quick and you can be confident that your vehicle can make it to its destined location by your chosen date with the use of reliable service.

  • Extra Storage 

The infinite storage capacity is another huge benefit of an open car trailer. There is absolutely no reason to think about the width and height of the vehicles when you are trying to move them with this trailer. This advantage makes an open trailer more common than an enclosed trailer for a vehicle.

  • Cost-Effective

The most cost-efficient way of transporting your car is open trailers. They are much cheaper than enclosed trailers and are a secure option. If demand is high, prices will also be high, but if you want to ship your truck during the busy seasons, total costs will also be higher. 

Open car trailers will still be cheaper relative to their sealed equivalents. Even If the weather is not good, extra waterproof covers are used to shield cars during transportation from raining and other hazards.


It is not simple to choose the best truck transportation for your goods. However, your decision about the type of trailer that will hold your next shipment should be more evident now that you know the benefits of open trailer trucks. In this age of modern facilities, you can use open trailer facilities to transport your vehicle.