In 1964, communication scholar M·McLuhan put forward a famous point of view in his book Understanding Media: On the Extension of Human Beings “Media is Information”. “Any influence of any media on individuals and society is due to a new scale… Any new technology must introduce a new scale into our things.”

In an era when electromagnetic waves were used as carriers, all events could spread all over the world in a few seconds. The ties between countries have become closer. The scale of the earth has shrunk. A new term “global village” has emerged.

This is the influence of the media. The change in the mode of communication caused by the media will change the whole social structure. The way of people perceive the world will change.

All walks of life will introduce brand-new models with the change of media.

5G is a new medium. 5G is not just as simple as “the network speed is faster, so playing games and watching videos are smoother”. As a “black technology” in the industry, it will cause chain changes in many industries.

So, at what levels may 5G change your life?

Both telephone and wireless network signals are electromagnetic waves. All electromagnetic waves follow a basic principle. Compared with 3G and 4G signals, 5G’ communication frequency is higher. 5G has more available frequency band resources. It has faster information transmission speed.

The highest transmission speed of 5G communication can reach 10 Gbit/s. It is equivalent to 1.25 GB of data per second!

This speed is 100 times the speed of the 4G network you use. It is much faster than the home wired network. And it is even faster than many hard disks. Even in half, it will be a transmission speed of more than 600 MB per second.

But 5G will bring a higher level of content forms than video. Such as AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and cloud games, a series of content forms that we are not familiar with.

Take cloud games for example. This game is to put the game on the cloud server to run. Then transmit the rendered game picture directly to you through the network. And at the same time transmit your operation to the cloud to realize game control.

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