Everyone loves to receive birthday gifts! But looking for gifts on a budget can be hard sometimes. For one, the possibilities aren’t exactly endless when you’re looking for something inexpensive. Two, you need to find something that is affordable but you wouldn’t want to come off as someone who hasn’t put any thought into the gift either!

Well, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list for you with the cutest gifts in town. Check out our super affordable gifts, all under ₹1000!

  1. Meow Cat Lights
    This set of cat lights merges the charm of LED lights along with the cuteness that cats are! It makes for an adorable present for anyone who loves cats and likes home décor. It emits just the softest glow and gives the room a whole new look. Powered by AAA batteries, it can be used easily to deck up any old, dingy corner of the house!
  2. Unicorn Magic Keyboard Cover
    Who doesn’t love the majestic, mystical creatures that unicorns are? This Unicorn Keyboard cover is super vibrant, super pretty and will catch anyone’s eye instantly. Just the perfect gift for someone who loves all things pretty and would love to spruce up their laptop.
  3. Animal Erasers
    If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift for someone who adores stationery and is always on the search for cute and functional stationery items, these lovely animal erasers are the ideal present. Not only are they charming to look at, they can also be taken apart and assembled again, making them a must have for any boring classes at school or college!
  4. Cat Study Mug
    Cats and coffee are two of our favorite things. This mug has a mesmerizing water colour pattern along with the most adorable little kitties! This is the perfect present for any cat lover to lounge around on a lazy Sunday morning with a hot steaming cup of coffee!
  5. Jewelry Tray
    This Jewelry Tray has a one of a kind design and the most polished and classy gold finish. It is the perfect present for someone who likes to own quaint, pretty things and would like to keep their little trinkets safe and secure.
  6. How I Met Your Mother Poster
    We’ve all got a friend among us who loves the TV Series ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Whether it’s the romantic Ted that she adores or Barney’s antics she is obsessed with, this poster, imprinted with a Blue French Horn and the words “Make Today Legendary” will be put up topmost and center on the walls of your friend’s room!
  7. Biscuit Pocket Mug
    A mug that has a designated pocket for you to put your biscuits or cookies in- need we say more? It is just the mug for anyone who loves their tea or coffee and adores all kinds of problem solving items!

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  1. Set of 3 Funky Printed Notebooks
    These notebooks are a vibrant mix of the purple, black, white along with a touch of skulls. They’re just cute and spooky enough to be anyone’s favourite, whether it’s for school or work! Their compact size is ideal for them to be packed in any bag or tote.
  2. Cork Bottle Lights
    These simple LED Lights are the perfect addition to any home décor! Whether the theme one is going for is classy, quaint or even vibrantly colourful- these bottle lights go with everything and create an ambience like no other.
  3. Colourful ‘Blooms in Grey’ Mousepad
    A fun desktop accessory can make dealing with the mundane routine of a not-so-great job a little bit better. This mousepad will do just the trick in adding that pop of colour to your work desk, while also adding a bit of cheer to your day!

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