You must have heard about the open-heart surgery from your friends.  It is a kind of major surgery in which the chest will be cut, and the surgery will be done on valves, muscles and the arteries. This is a major surgery and must be done by the expert professionals. You need to consult one of the best        top 10 cardiac surgeons in India. if you want to get that surgery done. In this type of surgery, a good working artery or the vein is attached to a coronary artery that is blocked. This will permit the grafter artier to do the bypass on the blocked artery. This will also get the fresh blood to the heart.

A traditional type of surgery it is

This is traditional type of heart surgery. If you have any heart disease, then your doctor may advice you to do this. The open-heart surgery is done in many cases like the repairs of the heart valves, implants, replacement of a damaged heart etc. You need to understand how this surgery is done before you go for one. This is a very big surgery that takes three to six hours. The patient will be given normal anaesthesia and there will not be any pain. There will be a cut in the chest, may be eight to ten inches. All the parts of the breastbone will be cut, and the heart will be exposed well.

How the surgery is done

After the heart is nicely visible, the patent will be linked to a bypass machine. The machine will throw away the blood from the heart so that it will be easy for the doctor to carry on the surgery.  A healthy vein will be used to make a new path that will be around the blocked artery. The breastbone will be closed with use of a wire and the wire will be life inside the body itself. The original cut will be then stitched. This is the way in which the surgery will be performed.

Risks associated with the heart surgery

You need to keep in mind that there are many risks linked with the heart surgeries.  There are chances of wound infection or may be a patient has a heart attack. There may be a fever or even a kidney failure. There may be lot of bleeding or even the blood clot. You ned to prepare for the surgery right so that you will feel good. You need to tell your doctors about the medicines that you are taking already. You need to quit smoking two weeks before the surgery. You may also stop taking alcohol in this period. You need to stay away all your bad habits to stay fit and fine.

What happens after open-heart surgery?

You need to understand what will happen after the surgery is done. There will be at least three tubes in the chest. There will be a machine to see how your heart is working. You will be placed in the ICU for one night. You will be observed there for a day then you will be moved to the general room.

Know more about the recovery after the surgery

Recovering after the surgery is more important. You need to get the regular check up done. You need to take the right medicines, diet and care after the surgery is done. If you have any doubts, then you need to consult the doctor and they will guide you in the right manner. If you think there is any infection, then you need to see the doctor. If you find any redness around the incision or if you have fever or pain in part of the body the definable it is the time to see the doctor.


Pain management is important

This is very important thing to remember. This can improve your recovery speed and will decrees the chances of the other complications like the blood clotting. There may be some pain in your muscles and you may also experience throat pain. There may also some pain in the chest. If you have more pain, then you need to talk to your doctor about it and they will get you some medicines to relive the pain. You need to take the mediation as prescribed. You need to take the medicine at the time of sleeping.

Get good sleep and have a healthy life

You need to have enough sleep, and this is very important. You need to make sure you take at least eight hours of sound sleep. If you have any issues with the sleep then just let the doctors know about t. You need to take enough rest. You may face some mental issues like the anxiety or depression. You need to call the exerts and a consuelling session may be helpful.

Rehabilitation is more important than anything else

You may get good benefit from the rehabilitation program. This can be done outpatient as well as there will be residential programmes. There may be some of the exercises. You will be able to stay a way of anxiety depression and some of other issues. You can recover fast if you take good care after the delivery. It may take more than six weeks’ time. You can also take more time than this. The heart blockage can also happen after the surgery and you need to take the right care after your surgery is done. You need to enhance your heart health by getting a good diet. You need to cut down on foods that have high quantity of sugar as well as salt. You need to quit smoking and alcohol. You need to have control on your blood pressure as well.

Get the best advice and have a great time

If you want to get the open-heart surgery done, then you need to consult the best surgeon who will get you the right advice. Get the right advice and have a safe surgery.