There has been a lot of concern about the electronic cigars. These types of cigars have contributed to the great number of people that are involved in the consumption of tobacco. They have gained popularity over time and a number of smokers are now looking for these devices. If you need to understand the main differences that lies between these cigars, this article will take you through some of the aspects that are making these two cigars different from each other. As you might have realized, the traditional cigars have embraced the cheapest level of technology possible. It is only some dried tobacco that is wrapped on the special paper and at the back of it; it is fitted with the filter. This creates a boundary between the dry tobacco and your mouth. As the cigar is lit, it starts to burn the dry tobacco. As it burns, it produces the smoke that contains traces of nicotine. It is the nicotine chemical that makes the substance addictive. As far as the e-cig is concerned, the technology that is used here is the advanced one. It has various components that work together to achieve the main objective of producing the desired vapor that is inhaled. Here are a number of such components that differentiates these two types of cigars;

  • Rechargeable battery
  • A sensor
  • Liquid

Rechargeable battery

This battery is a lithium made battery. It has ability to be recharged severally. It is therefore charged with the responsibility of making sure that the e-cig is supplied with power that will impact on the number of the systems. Before you use your device, you are supposed to confirm the level of charge so as you can continue with the vaping. The heater will never function if the battery is not able to supply the necessary power. This is the reason why the manufacturer opted to make the battery rechargeable for the purposes of keeping the device running for as long time as possible.

A sensor

This is a sensitive device that is also fitted in the e-cig device. It is supposed to detect when you need to vape so as it can initiate the processes that will be able to make the production of vapor possible. It is strategically located at the mouthpiece so as you put it close to your mouth; it immediately sends information to the heater which initiates the boiling process. This boils up the liquid tobacco so as steam is produced. It is the steam that is supposed to be inhaled in form of puffs.


This is an extract from the fresh tobacco. It is then preserved so as it will be able to last for as long as you may wish. You therefore need to select the kind of flavor that you really need so as you can be assured that you vaping will be as good as you may have wanted it to be. This is an important aspect of the e-cig that makes it so different from the other cigars.