Flexible Yoga Classes

It’s hard for some people to make it to a scheduled yoga class. With all the callings of everyday life even taking the time to schedule a yoga class is a big hassle. Glo wants to change that. Self-care is important and there are lots of people whose self-care consists of yoga and meditation. However, you may want to have guidance, but it’s hard to really show up and be present in that guided yoga class by 5 p.m when you have to pick your kids up from the sitter by 5:30. Glo has worked hard at creating online yoga classes and meditation classes, and they are now offering them to the world via their platform. You can simply sign up to get started as a teacher or student, and work with some great yoga and meditation experts where ever you want, whenever you want. Yoga class has never been so flexible.

A few of their featured classes are beginner friendly and you’ll get to increase flexibility immediately. The “Anytime Twisting Flow” class is available for level 2 yogis who are looking to gain flexibility and loosen their backs. It starts with back warm ups and is aimed at stretching the muscles while increasing flexibility and teaching better flow. “Slow and Stretchy” is another class that will fold you, bend you and stretch you to increase your flexibility without as much flow focus. This class is available to both level 1 and 2 students. “Bend Like a Bow” is an Ashtanga style online yoga class through Glo that also has a flexibility focus, but incorporates breathing techniques to help calm the mind so that the students can focus on their body movements and how they feel.

It’s a revolutionary idea that could assist in a lot of time management decisions for people who are currently on their own physical and mental wellness journey. This online yoga platform makes it easier to get active, and provides students with a simple resource to find instructors that can assist them anywhere.

What is Glo?

Glo is the new online yoga platform that not many saw coming. Traditionally people just rushed to their evening yoga appointment in hopes of achieving relaxation, but there’s nothing relaxing about increased cortisone levels because you could potentially miss your class due to some other important matter you had to attend to. Glo believes you shouldn’t have to choose, so they’ve brought the yoga class to you. With this platform it’s easy to do yoga or meditate from anywhere while still having access to a guide. They provide you with different teachers and classes for any level you may identify with at the moment, and that you can participate in completely online. They offer Prenatal and Postnatal online yoga classes, yoga for menstruation and partner yoga which has been known to strengthen marriages and legs.

Glo’s Vow to You

With their platform, Glo will make it possible for everyone worldwide to be able to live up to through truest potentials through mental empowerment and health. They want to help everyone reach a point of fulfillment in their lives, and they intend to use their platform to assist in that journey. With 100’s of students and well educated teachers, Glo is sure to revolutionize the way everyone participates in their next yoga class.