Do people love air conditioning (AC) units? Do they love it not just to make a living but an excellent technology? Do they love the things that can be made or performed because of these things? The next time people hear other individuals ranting about their AC’s use of power and energy or damage to mother earth in an attempt to moral- and virtue-signal, they need to stand up for this industry. Here are some reasons to love AC systems.

It makes areas with hot climates habitable

Few people would choose to live in places with hot climates without cooling systems. During the scorching summer seasons, most residents in these areas awaken in their air-conditioned houses, go around the area in their air-conditioned cars, and work in their air-conditioned offices. Imagine what people’s lives would be without these devices. Before there were AC devices, most individuals living in these areas would rather live in hell than spend a minute in these places.

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It saves a lot of lives

Just last year, the heat wave experienced around the world, especially in Europe and the western part of the United States, killed thousands of individuals. In the United States alone, the temperature reached 104°F. Decades earlier, Texas set a record with forty-two straight days with over 104°F heat. Thousands did not die during that heat wave because they had cooling units. This device saves a lot of lives during the unpredictable heat wave caused by global warming.

It makes healthcare facilities healthier

Imagine how unhealthy healthcare facilities would be during the scorching hot summers with windows and doors open and electric fans pushing unfiltered air all around the facility to make conditions less depressing and desolate. Healthcare facilities are much healthier with AC units.

It makes foods and drinks transportable

Because of cooling devices and refrigerated food transport, people are able to enjoy vegetables, fruits, and drinks year-round instead of during limited seasons. These devices also minimize food and drink spoilage.

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It helps increase productivity

According to experts, productivity in machine shops, peak at sixty-five-degree Fahrenheit and drops 15% when the temperature inside these shops increases to seventy-five degree Fahrenheit. Productivity drops 28% when the temp reaches eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit. Accidents in the workplace also increase with the temperature. What is true for shop floors is also true for corporate offices. But by increasing productivity, cooling units increase the standard of living.

It is very cool

Of course, these devices are very cool, but the way it actually works is also cool. To pull heat from the air through the changes in the state of heat transfer mediums is pretty amazing. It is why cooling units are consistently listed as one of the best and most remarkable inventions of our generation.

It allows real estate properties to be secured without metal bars

AC units make it possible to close windows and doors, as well as lock-up houses during the summertime. Without it, the only possible way to secure a property is to put metal bars on doors and windows – and that is not a good sight to look at.

It makes the info age possible

Manufacturing computer chips needs clean and secure room environments. These clean rooms are only possible using AC units. Today’s information age is only possible because of these devices. Take these things away, and manufacturers are left with slide rules to do their thing.

AC units made Hollywood possible

According to history experts, following the emergence of AC systems, movie theatre owners and operators began installing them to help them boost their audiences during summer months, which resulted in more money for production companies. The financial infusion into the industry led to technological advances like talking and colored movies. Hollywood and the entire movie industry may have been more than a cottage industry without these things.

It helps protect interiors

Humidity control and controlled temps from these devices help protect art and internal furnishings. It is why galleries and museums operate in controlled indoor environments.

It improves the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products

Similar to computer parts manufacturing, the genetic and biomedical engineering industries would not evolve without the help of AC devices. A lot of life-enhancing and lifesaving pharmaceutical products are only possible because of the advent of air conditioning technology.