The main reason why people think inflatable SUPs are bad is that nowadays people believe whatever they see on social media. It doesn’t matter if the information is correct or not, they just believe it. Even if the person sharing that information doesn’t have any knowledge and experience related to the topic.

What is the use of advancements in technology if we don’t use it for our benefit? The people who are afraid of change and don’t like advanced tech are the ones who spread these types of fake rumors. The professional paddlers are now switching to inflatable SUP because of its advanced construction, design, and durability. It also fits with their lifestyles, needs, and budget. You can find the latest, affordable, amazing and best inflatable SUP at supshop360.

Are inflatable SUPs just for beginners?

People often think inflatable SUPs are just for beginners but in reality, as long as you use your SUP on rivers, white water paddling, lakes or bays, you can use inflatable SUP no matter if you are a beginner or a professional.

Are inflatable SUPs more durable than normal hard boards?

Yes, they sure are. You can try it yourself; just grab one inflatable SUP and one normal hard board SUP. Now throw both of them from a 30 story building and then check which one needs repairs. The same thing happens when you hit rocks underwater while paddling.

Do inflatable SUPs cost more than normal SUPs?

Inflatable SUPs are generally cheaper than normal hard boards and if by any chance inflatable cost more than a normal hard board, just keep in mind how much you are going to spend on the repairs of a normal hard board. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate, inflatable SUPs are the best budget upgrade for you.