Bodybuilders are keen in learning about the difference between testosterone enanthate, cypionate and Propionate. These supplements aid in increasing testosterone levels and bringing it to adequate levels in the body. It also helps in speeding up muscular development and shortening recuperation time. All these supplements provide different strengths and half-life period in the body.

How does testosterone supplement work in a person?

About testosterone

Testosterone hormone is produced in the testes of men. It is regarded as the most significant and powerful component that results in promoting overall health of the person. Both men as well as women secrete testosterone, as these androgenic steroids increase male-oriented characteristics like development of larger muscles, maturing genitalia, growth of hair on face and body, maturing libido, deepening of voice, maturity of sperm etc.

Why are testosterone supplements needed?

Testosterone is an important male sex hormone that monitors several different bodily functions. Low testosterone levels result in hormonal disturbance and imbalance in the functioning of different organs in the body.

To prevent any such issue from happening, external testosterone hormone can be consumed in the form of supplements and/or injections. Popular types of nandrolone or testosterone supplements include Testosterone Cypionate, Propionate and Enanthate.

Testosterone Cypionate

It increases or reduces sex drive, improves red blood count and promotes better heart health in a person. Cypionate helps in delivering strong anabolic and androgenic effects toward mass building. As compared to other testosterone supplements, it lasts for the longest time. and remains effective and active for a maximum of eight days in the body. This requires users to inject it only once a week to get its benefits.

Testosterone Enanthate

Enanthate also delivers significant athletic enhancement benefits like improved muscle growth and short recovery times in a person. Enanthate has got a half-life of 8 days, but its real muscle-building effectiveness reduces post four to five days. So, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiast and weightlifters will require to consume twice weekly to make the maximum gains out of it.

Testosterone Propionate

Propionate has the lowest half-life period in the body. This period is only for two days. Also, its effectiveness may be a little less. Users who consume this supplement are required to take it after every a few hours to get a significant boost before a rigorous training session.


Preparing an effective blend of these drugs proves to be highly advantageous in enhancing athletic performance of a person. These steroids are used by athletes to increase levels beyond the naturally occurring gain in the production.