A divorce is mostly a decision that comes after years and years of trying to make a marriage work. A period when a couple loses the spark that once ignited their love, a spark that they once felt when they started. Well, a breakup is hard to go through but a divorce is the hardest of all, a decision you make for life, breaking a vow that you had for a lifetime. The reasons for a divorce are the things that once bothered you before you tied the knot, they keeping repeating for so long that you know your partner is not going to change.

It is hard for your partner to change in the way you want them to change to keep your marriage working. For most of the relationships, the reasons for divorce differs, they are unique from one to another. In this article, we are going through the most common causes of divorce.

  • Addiction.

Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, or any other substance, drug abuse is a key factor in divorce current. Substance abuse contributes to a third of divorces. Substance abuse can get a partner wild, one becomes a threat to his partner, and this stirs up the marriage.

  • Domestic abuse.

Once a partner is exposed to any kind of relationship abuse, it raises a lot of insecurities. Any physical or emotional abuse leaves a partner feeling powerless and less honored, this leaves them no other choice but a divorce for their safety.

  • No intimacy.

A key thing for a divorce is a dormancy in the bedroom. A marriage lacks physical affection and the couple is no longer in love. Lack of intimacy causes a disconnection due to a prolonged dry spell. The marriage starts losings what once sparked them together.

  • Cheating.

Cheating on your partner leaves a lot of trust issues. A partner feels betrayed especially if it keeps on coming. With the trust lost, what else is left for a marriage? This leaves the marriage weak and unhealthy prompting the couple to divorce.

  • Financial issues.

Disagreement about finances can easily trigger a marriage disagreement. A partner may start thinking his compatriot is spending a lot or has a large debt. Or a man doesn’t provide the best responsibility in the financial sector towards his family. This poses a large threat to the family and could trigger a divorce.    

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