Facebook is a popular social networking site developed by Mark Zuckerberg. In this application, registered users can create profiles, upload pictures and videos, post comments, stories and links and do a lot more. There are more than 2.5 billion users of Facebook. Its success can be credited to the fact that is appeals to both individuals and businesses. The ability of Facebook to interact with various websites by providing a single login that works across many other sites. 

Facebook is extremely user friendly and free. People that aren’t familiar with computers can also use Facebook to keep in touch or reconnect with people by sending messages. Facebook has become one of the most popular social media platforms on mobile phones, where businesses whether big or small can closely target an audience and showcase ads directly to that targeted audience. Most people use Facebook as a source of entertainment regularly, even multiple times in a day. Its privacy controls are customizable so that you can protect your information from third-party individuals.

Facebook Messenger

People use Facebook Messenger to send and receive instant messages. All you need is an internet connection. Messages sometimes get deleted by mistake, and you may need to recover them. It is believed that retrieving deleted chats on Facebook is not possible, but there are some ways by which the deleted messages can be retrieved. 

Ways to Recover Deleted FB Messages

Facebook Messenger saves the messages received and sent. You have to be logged on to the account from which you had sent the deleted message. If you don’t use messenger, you may be using the message section of Facebook and the deleted message before deleting gets saved at this location.  You can use an app called mSpy to track down the deleted message and recover it. mSpy is spying software which if installed on your phone, tracks down deleted messages in Facebook.

For creating a Facebook account, you first need to have a mail account.  Whenever you have a conversation on Facebook, your text messages get stored in your mail account. If you end up deleting any text message you can look for it thoroughly in your mail box. This is a very easy way of recovering a deleted message on Facebook. 

Facebook has a setting where you can take up a backup of your messages. If you are using your Facebook account for business, you must backup your chats so that you won’t have any problems if you delete them accidentally. For activating back up, go to Facebook account Menu/ Settings and then switch to ‘Your Facebook Information’ to ‘Download Your Information’. If this setting is activated, you can easily retrieve your deleted conversation and it won’t be a problem even in future. 

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