Safety should be the number one priority for work site managers, as having an injury or worse on the site itself due to negligence or even an oversight is not only tragic but can lead to a whole host of lawsuits, enough to crater an entire business. Therefore, making safety come first before anything else is well worth the time and effort it will take. Below are a number of tips for worksite managers to follow on a daily basis, to ensure everyone stays safe first and gets the job done second.


Forklifts are incredibly useful and necessary pieces of equipment on many work sites, but there can be a danger in the fork lift trying to lift something that is too heavy. This can lead to the forklift breaking, which can be costly, or worse, an accident where someone is injured. Which is where the useful forklift lifting capacity calculator comes into play, allowing you to figure out how much a random forklift can lift before it does any work, ensuring both safety for the machine and the operator.


Everyone who steps foot on the worksite should have to wear a number of pieces of safety equipment. These items are, but not limited to, a hard hat, safety goggles and thick soled work boots. Some work sites also require hats, gloves and jackets, though that can be uncomfortable for workers in hotter months. By doing this you are at least making sure that everyone on the work site will have some degree of protection on them at all times.


Regardless of the safety policies on a work site, it doesn’t matter if people don’t know what those safety policies are. So, there should be tons of signage about what the proper attire is and other things that can’t be done on site, like drinking alcohol or working after dark without the proper safety equipment. The more signage the better, so no one can miss it.


Fire is often a danger on a work site, so there needs to be ample access to fire extinguishers or hoses, or easy exits for workers to use in the event of a large fire. This will be an added cost, of course, for items that probably can’t be repurposed in the future, but as mentioned, it’s worth it if it prevents a lawsuit or saves lives.


If people are working late on a work site, make sure there is enough light to work by, so that workers can see what they are doing. This will help prevent accidents or at least show you were doing everything in your power to prevent it.