A recent study has found that genetically, people who wake up earlier have a lower risk of mental illness than those who go to bed late.

The study reported in scientific journal Nature Communications, has revealed that a morning person is causally associated with better mental health.

Nearly 700,000 people participated in the study that found 324 new genes known to influence whether someone is a night owl or an early riser.

Having early rising genes means people were more likely to report feeling a sense of wellbeing, thus less likely to be at risk of developing a mental illness.

Experts say that understanding the impact the body clock has on health can lead to more targeted, effective treatments for mental illness.

While we may not all have the early riser gene, according to the experts at House Call Doctor, there are health benefits to waking up early that might make you want to set your alarm for sunrise tomorrow.

Improves quality of sleep

To get the best quality sleep, your body needs to fall into a sleep routine and set its internal clock. People who wake up early naturally feel tired at the ‘normal’ time to go to bed. This allows your body to stay on a sleep routine so you can consistently rise early.

Helps you sustain a healthier diet

Waking up early allows for more time to prepare a nutritious breakfast, rather than making an unhealthy choice when eating the first meal of the day on the go.

Gives you more time to exercise

When you exercise in the morning, you are less likely to have an excuse as to why you can’t. Plus, a morning workout will keep you energised throughout the day.

Mental clarity

Waking up early allows you to plan your day in advance, resulting in less stress and a clear idea of the tasks you need to complete.