Some families in the UK, unfortunately, have a member with disabilities that’s why he often stays at home since traveling around is not convenient. This person with a disability needs to move with his wheelchair which means that his guardian must use a comfortable car for transport as well. However, buying one is quite complicated if we are not aware of what we should purchase based on such specific needs.

Pretty sure that we have WAV vehicles for sale in the United Kingdom and when we have a lot of choices, choosing one can be confusing so we need a few things to learn. Keep in mind that purchasing such a vehicle is not just for our convenience but for disabled individuals who will be passengers as well. Therefore, we need to think about the situation so that we can choose the right car which is more accessible in such cases.

If this person’s disability is only temporary, maybe we can rent or buy second-hand ones if this is available in our area. Unfortunately, some people’s disability is a lifetime condition so we should buy a new one if we can manage or second-hand WAV since this is more affordable. Again, this would be costly but we need to greatly consider the comfort and convenience of our family members so we should make the right choice.

Side Entry

I guess the first thing that you are going to consider is the accessibility of entering through the side. If you can find the sides with the easiest access to enter the vehicle, then that would be of your convenient. With this, the passenger won’t have to exert too much effort and struggle when entering.

Keep in mind that this person needs special care and attention because of his weakened body unlike people without disabilities who can freely jump in the car. You might find it costly but it would be more practical to get such a private vehicle than always renting one whenever you needed WAV transportation. Even when you are in the parking lot where there are other cars, it would be more accessible to use WAVs.

Let’s say that there is easy access for individuals in a wheelchair if the side would be available and designed for their use. So I suggest you consider this factor for everyone’s sake.


It would be helpful if you can get something with an automatic ramp but it has to be short and shallow since you have to consider the parking space as well as accessibility. Look for these models too because it would be easier to use customized, portable, or built-in ramps which is a great help for the passenger. Some of these come with a lowered suspension which is about 70 centimeters in length.

I supposed you know how tough it is to enter a car when your passenger is a person with a disability so all you must think about are ways that can minimize such difficulties. This is why short ramps can be used to reduce the stress that this individual might experience without this equipment – go to for further reading.

Seating Choices

It would be great if you can choose how your passenger may seat inside. Let’s say that the seats could be movable or foldable so that there would be more space for the passengers. It is also possible that with such accessibility, the passengers can move freely and more comfortably considering one’s physical condition.

With such a setup, everybody can surely enjoy the trip because nobody will complain about how or where they are seated. This means that you do not always have to seat in the back because even if you are a person with a disability, you can still enjoy being normal when seating upfront and next to the driver who is usually your parent, partner, or other members of the family.

In this way, the feeling of being unfortunate can be reduced since you are trying to show that things can still be the same no matter what the situation is. Let us not forget that these people are sometimes sensitive so let’s cheer them up in some ways that we can.

Standard Rear Seat

If you are traveling or going somewhere with the whole family, then this means that you are not only bringing a member with a wheelchair so we should be considerate of the space. In this case, it would be ideal to look for WAVs designed with a standard seat at the back or next to the side entry of the vehicle. I guess this will allow you to carry more people, especially when you have kids coming.

With this setting, it would be more flexible for the passengers to find a place even when they are going for a long trip. It is also more comfortable to seat here since you can stretch your legs comfortably. I guess the driver won’t hear any complaints even when everybody is traveling for hours in the UK.

We are aware that being physically disabled is not our choice and nobody wants it. To be in such a condition lowers our self-confidence, hope, and willingness to live. Therefore, finding the most appropriate car to make him a part of our journey is something that we must work on.

Boot Space

If possible, we need to look for vehicle models that are designed with a wider boot space because this is not only for storing the wheelchair itself. When you are out on a trip for a couple of days, you have your luggage as well so with more members of the family, it means that you must choose the ones with ample storage space. In this way, you don’t have to carry your bags on your seats because that won’t be comfortable.

Always remember that you have a lot of options and considerations when choosing WAVs. You just need to study the situation and decide based on your preferences. Make sure that your priority should be what is more convenient for the passenger’s case.