The Hospitality Internship Program of Australia is a type of paid internship. It is available to adequately skilled candidates who have the relevant experience and are completing or have completed their hospitality courses. Positions for the same are available in Cookery, Food and Beverage, and the Front Office.These are six, nine or twelve-month programs that offer a candidate ample opportunity to work in the sector and get enough work experience so that a suitable job can be secured.

These positions are open throughout the country and the proper time of the year should be chosen to get the best openings. Somereview about PGP placement and other aspects related to this internship program are discussed here for complete understanding.

  • The eligibility criteria’s for the internship – There are some requirements for participating in this internship program. An interested candidate must be between 18 to 30 years of ageand must have an upper intermediate English language skill that is equivalent to IELTS 5.5. The candidate must be associated with a full-time diploma level in Hospitality or Culinary management or must have passed the course latest with 18 months for making an internship application.Within the last 18 months, the candidate must provide proof of full-time work or study for a year in the sector.

There should also be a full-time work experience of six months or part-time experience of 12 months and all experience must be within the department for which internship is desired. Sufficient flexibility should also be there in a candidate so that the internship can be offered within the country at any place, including remote or rural areas.

  • The advantages of an internship in Australia –An Australian internship program can be quite helpful for any international candidate as it can help in gaining valuable experience and making a resume go truly global. Workplace English can be improved through such an experience and sufficient credit can also be earned. A candidate can also improve the available career options and get recognition within the profession. Additionally, Australian labor procedures and work ethics can also be understood quite well during the program. Most importantly, this type of internship can help in getting a toe-hold in the industry and in many companies so that a job can be secured after the program quite easily.
  • The internship payment offered to candidates – Hospitality internships are full-time programs and at least 30 hours in a week must be devoted to complete this type of program. The Australian Award Wage offers AUD 18.93 per hour to candidates who pursue an internship. However, the rate may vary depending upon the internship hours and the Host Organization. Foreign candidates can also file an Australian Tax return so that they can get some valuable tax returns before leaving the country!

This type of internship program can be very suitable for a hospitality candidate and that is a prime reason that many foreign candidates like to enroll for the same. Candidates can get a rich experience of the global standard through this type of internship that can be very helpful in landing a preferred job.